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  • Joe Ferguson: The Open Source Talk That Changed My Life Wasn't Technical

    Joe Ferguson: The Open Source Talk That Changed My Life Wasn’t Technical

    WordCamp Dayton 2018Speaker: Joe Ferguson

    June 6, 2020 — Learn about Open Sourcing Mental Illness: a nonprofit built on a movement of changing how we talk about mental health in the tech community. This talk presents results from multiple years of OSMI’s Mental Health In Tech surveys, showing how employees feel about discussing mental health issues with employers and coworkers.

    Find out more about resources, as well as where and how to get help.

  • Bridget Willard: Backward Compatibility Is Good For WordPress, Not Mental Health.
  • Dan Maby: WordPress, the Community and Your Mental Health

    Dan Maby: WordPress, the Community and Your Mental Health

    WordCamp Bristol 2019Speaker: Dan Maby

    June 10, 2019 — Back in 2009 I discovered the power of WordPress. In 2012 I met the WordPress community. In 2016 I relied on the community!

    Let’s have an honest discussion about the challenges of running your WordPress business. Building your own business, no matter what size, can be one of the most rewarding, satisfying and freeing experiences you’ve ever encountered. It can also be one of the most terrifying, isolating and lonely roads to take.

    Having successfully started, developed and sold businesses, Dan has first hand experience of both the positive and negative impacts on his mental health.

    Dan will talk candidly about some of his experiences and giving you some insight into his decision to launch the charity: WP&UP.

    WP&UP supports & promotes positive mental health within the WordPress community.

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  • Eric Kuznacic: Meditate Your Way To Better Mental Health

    Eric Kuznacic: Meditate Your Way To Better Mental Health

    WordCamp Raleigh 2019Speaker: Eric Kuznacic

    May 23, 2019 — Meditation is a powerful tool and can be used to calm the mind, reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and pain. While anyone can benefit from regular meditation, it is especially useful and important for those who work remotely, are faced with stressful situations or deadlines, or whom struggle with depression, anxiety, or imposter syndrome.

    This talk will introduce the concept of daily meditation, tips and best practices for getting the most out of your practice, and how to avoid common obstacles and pitfalls. The session will conclude with a short, 5-minute guided meditation.

  • Corey Maass: Stuck in a Rut - How I Overcame Six Months Without Progress

    Corey Maass: Stuck in a Rut – How I Overcame Six Months Without Progress

    WordCamp Belfast 2018Speaker: Corey Maass

    April 17, 2019 — In January 2017, I set 5 big business goals for the year. By May, I accomplished 3 of them… And then everything ground to a halt.

    I didn’t move forward for six months as I battled depression, doubt, jealousy, imposter syndrome, shiny object syndrome, not-invented-here syndrome, and so much more.

    You’ll hear about how I was finally able to identify what was stopping me, move past it, and what I’ve done to prevent a lot of this ever happening again. I hope you can learn from my mistakes!

  • Neil Gilmour: How I use WordPress to support the mental health of 11,653 children

    Neil Gilmour: How I use WordPress to support the mental health of 11,653 children

    WordCamp Brighton 2018Speaker: Neil Gilmour

    March 27, 2019 — Share Neil’s journey from concept to product, via famous 5 minute install (in fact it was more like 5 seconds thanks to $ wp valet new –project=bedrock ).

    Neil will talk about how this project was conceived, what it’s like to be the geek in a team of psychotherapists but a doofus in the dev team.

    See the mock-ups that landed them a £660,000 project (and how he got bullied into accepting just a fraction of that *and* had to launch a year earlier than planned!)

    Neil will share the lessons he’s learned about being a good ‘client’ to his developers (two of the nicest people he’s ever worked with), despite wanting to learn how they do what they do. Cringe as he shares some of the questions he’s asked them, the very patient replies he’s had, and the comical initial estimate of how much time he needed them for.

    Find out how Neil support 800 users, the dilemma of supporting vs solving, and having collaborators rather than customers.

    Next steps – where will this product be next year, 2 years from now?

  • Aaron D. Campbell: Succeeding as an Introvert

    Aaron D. Campbell: Succeeding as an Introvert

    WordCamp Europe 2018Speaker: Aaron D. Campbell

    July 13, 2018 — It can be challenging to be an introvert in a world built for extroverts. A lot of introverts have been told at some point in their career to “be more extroverted”, as though introversion is bad — but it’s not bad, and being an extrovert is certainly not required for success. Learn about the science behind introversion and extroversion and what advantages each has in today’s workplace. Then find out how Aaron has learned to leverage the strengths of his introversion as well as what he does to help him navigate the parts of the WordPress community and his career that are harder for him as an introvert.

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  • Laura Nelson: Easing the anxious mind: dealing with anxiety in the workplace

    Laura Nelson: Easing the anxious mind: dealing with anxiety in the workplace

    WordCamp Europe 2018Speaker: Laura Nelson

    July 6, 2018 — 40% of disability worldwide is due to depression & anxiety. However, there’s still so much stigma surrounding the issue, that it rarely gets discussed. This has resulted in people with anxiety feeling like they have to suffer in silence, and employers not fully understanding the condition. Laura will share her personal experience of dealing with an anxiety disorder and how it impacted her working life. By openly discussing this issue, she hopes to diffuse some common misunderstandings of the condition, give practical advice on how anxiety sufferers can help themselves and what workplaces can do to support this, and give people the confidence to communicate mental health issues.

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  • Christina Varro: Staying Healthy In the Digital Space

    Christina Varro: Staying Healthy In the Digital Space

    WordCamp Europe 2018Speaker: Christina Varro

    July 5, 2018 — Screen time, sedentary lifestyle and solo remote work can lead to a variety of physical and mental health problems. As a full time freelancer for almost 10 years, I have suffered a variety of sleep disorders, physical health problems, and anxiety disorders. Freelance designers, developers, and other remote workers rarely have access to occupational health specialists or know how to solve their health issues related to heavy computer work. Come learn a variety of tips for stay healthy when you work in the digital space.

  • Henrietta Greene: Unwind in the office

    Henrietta Greene: Unwind in the office

    WordCamp Rotterdam 2018Speaker: Henrietta Greene

    April 23, 2018 — Yoga and mindfulness from the comfort of your own desk chair.
    Discover ways to help your body and mind during your working day, no fancy equipment, no change of clothes, no change of location necessary. Henrietta will guide you through some simple mindfulness techniques as well as yoga that can be done simply whilst sitting at your desk. Give your body the movement, and your mind the break they both need, and perhaps notice your productivity at work grow and grow.