Neil Gilmour: How I use WordPress to support the mental health of 11,653 children

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March 27, 2019

Share Neil’s journey from concept to product, via famous 5 minute install (in fact it was more like 5 seconds thanks to $ wp valet new –project=bedrock ).

Neil will talk about how this project was conceived, what it’s like to be the geek in a team of psychotherapists but a doofus in the dev team.

See the mock-ups that landed them a £660,000 project (and how he got bullied into accepting just a fraction of that *and* had to launch a year earlier than planned!)

Neil will share the lessons he’s learned about being a good ‘client’ to his developers (two of the nicest people he’s ever worked with), despite wanting to learn how they do what they do. Cringe as he shares some of the questions he’s asked them, the very patient replies he’s had, and the comical initial estimate of how much time he needed them for.

Find out how Neil support 800 users, the dilemma of supporting vs solving, and having collaborators rather than customers.

Next steps – where will this product be next year, 2 years from now?

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