‘onboarding’ Videos

  • Drew Jaynes: Setting Up WordPress – A NUX Case Study

    WordCamp Europe 2015Speaker: Drew Jaynes

    July 14, 2015 — Once you’ve installed WordPress, what now? For new users, that’s just one of a multitude of inevitable questions. What’s a post? A page? A theme? Where should I start first? In a short attention-span world, first impressions are everything, and WordPress is making it harder than it needs to be for new users.
    There’s a case to be made for helping to guide users through the process of post-install set up. In fact, there’s user testing data that makes the case for us.
    The goal of this talk is to examine that test data – taken against existing and potential wp-admin flows – and form conclusions about how WordPress can get out of its own way to improve the new user experience. We’ll talk about solutions that exist in the community right now, and opportunities to get involved in reshaping WordPress’ first impressions.

  • Panel Discussion: Sales, Onboarding, Customer Support

    WordCamp Miami 2015Speakers: Andrea Rennick, Cory Miller, Chris Christoff, Mason James, Syed Balkhi

    July 9, 2015 — Got a product? Then you probably know the headaches of sales, onboarding, and customer support. In this panel, industry veterans share their top tips when it comes to sales, onboarding, and customer support. Bring your questions.