‘Sass’ Videos

  • Bernhard Kau: Beginner’s Guide to SASS

    WordCamp Norrköping 2015Speaker: Bernhard Kau

    October 9, 2015 — Every web designer should know how to build a responsive website using some fancy CSS3 features. But dealing with different browsers and with constantly changing clients request can be a huge hassle.

    This introduction session will give you a brief overview over the features of SASS. You will learn how to utilize SASS to speed up your development and handle those clients’ requests with ease.

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  • Dustin Yoxall: Let The Robots Win! How to Utilize Task Automation to Speed Up Your Workflow

    WordCamp Baltimore 2015Speaker: Dustin Yoxall

    September 21, 2015 — In this talk I will showcase some of the tools I use to speed up my development process and some of the reasoning behind the way I have things set up. I will touch on subjects like developing locally, using git, the benefits of Sass and why everyone should be using it, running grunt tasks to compress your css, js, and images as well as using autoprefixer. I can also briefly touch on using frameworks if time and interest allow for it.

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  • Michael DeWitt: Developing WP Themes with Using Modular Sass

    WordCamp Boston 2015Speaker: Michael DeWitt

    July 28, 2015 — CSS preprocessors make developing clean and semantic stylesheets effortless. My talk takes someone through a basic structure for organizing Sass within a WordPress theme, using the Bones theme framework as an example. I go through some of the benefits and cool tricks you can implement with this structure including breakpoint includes, variables, functions, nesting, and mixins. Finally I address perhaps the greatest hurdle to immediately implementing Sass in your WordPress theme — compiling. I take people through the common methods of doing this including Grunt, Compass, and WordPress plugins like WP-SCSS.

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  • Lara Schenck: Sass – “CSS With Superpowers”

    WordPress Meetup NYCSpeaker: Lara Schenck

    June 28, 2015 — You’ve been meaning to start using Sass in your projects, right? But it looks hard…is it really worth figuring out? Yes, yes it is! Sass is “CSS with superpowers” and a wonderful entry point into larger development concepts and best practices. We’ll talk about what Sass is, how to get started, and identify some key features you can apply to your own work.

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  • Bernhard Kau: Einführung in SASS

    WordCamp Cologne 2015Speaker: Bernhard Kau

    June 25, 2015 — In seinem Vortrag zeigt Bernhard Kau eine Einführung in die Arbeitsweise von CSS-Präprozessoren. Am Beispiel von SASS werden Funktionen gezeigt, die bei der täglichen Arbeit mit CSS helfen können.

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  • Developer PowerPack: Theme Customizer, SASS, and Composer with WordPress

    WordCamp Seattle 2015: Experienced EditionSpeakers: Merrill Mayer, Frederick Meyer, Kalen Johnson

    June 22, 2015 — Using the theme customizer – Merrill Mayer
    An overview of the theme customizer API and how to build it into your themes.

    Falling in Love with Sass for WordPress — Frederick Meyer
    Learn why Sass, the CSS preprocessor, is better than vanilla CSS for complex projects, based on two key qualities of Sass: 1. It’s DRYer, and 2. It’s dynamic. The talk describes these benefits with reference to a complex real-life client project: creating a user-managed WordPress theme generator, with widths, color scheme, typography, etc., all changeable as Sass variables, compiling to one clean custom CSS stylesheet with no extra “theme options” DB calls.

    Using Composer and WordPress — Kalen Johnson
    Composer has taken the PHP community by storm, allowing projects to easily integrate PHP packages with their projects. Although WordPress doesn’t (yet) use autoloading and Composer, that doesn’t mean we as developer’s don’t have to. We walk through what Composer is, how to use it, then see how we can integrate it with our own WordPress projects, whether that’s a theme, plugin, or an entire WordPress site.

  • Lara Schenck: Sassy WordPress

    WordCamp Montréal 2014Speaker: Lara Schenck

    May 30, 2015 — You’ve been meaning to start using Sass in your projects, right? But it looks hard…is it really worth figuring out? Yes, yes it is! In this talk, we will cover Sass basics like structuring projects, mixins and variables, and using extensions. We will then go over how to start using Sass in your own themes as well as touch on a few Sass-ready starter themes. Afterwards, Lara will be available at the Happiness Bar for demos and to help you get set up!

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  • Morten Rand-Hendriksen: Building Themes From Scratch With Underscores

    WordCamp Montréal 2014Speaker: Morten Rand-Hendriksen

    May 15, 2015 — This presentation takes you through the process of building a theme from scratch with what is arguably the best starter theme available: _s (Underscores). The presentation looks at design and development decisions and principles including mobile-first, accessibility, responsive design, and information architecture, and takes a deep dive into the structure of the Underscores theme to show the audience how to build a theme from the ground up to become what you envisioned and more.

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  • Aisha Henderson: Sass and WordPress—Enhancing Your Front-End Workflow

    WordCamp Atlanta 2015Speaker: Aisha Henderson

    April 19, 2015 — This talk covers how to start your theme development with Sass and WordPress, using Underscores as the starter theme. While this session is geared towards beginning WordPress theme designers I recommend this for anyone inquiring about Sass and it’s awesome features.

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  • Nils Schönwald: Was ist eigentlich SCSS? Und brauch ich das?

    WordCamp Hamburg 2014Speaker: Nils Schönwald

    December 14, 2014 — LESS, SASS, SCSS was ist das?
    – die Möglichkeiten
    – die Vorzüge
    – die Anwendungsmöglichkeiten