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  • WordPress Community Interview With Aaron Campbell

    WordPress Community Interview With Aaron Campbell

    WordPress Community Interview SeriesSpeaker: Aaron D. Campbell

    March 6, 2018 — Aaron Campbell is the lead for the WordPress Core Security Team.

  • Βασίλης Καρκατζούνης: Data Protection 101 for Developers

    Βασίλης Καρκατζούνης: Data Protection 101 for Developers

    WordCamp Athens 2017Speaker: Βασίλης Καρκατζούνης

    March 5, 2018 — Βασικές αρχές και οδηγίες για τη συλλογή και επεξεργασία δεδομένων προσωπικού χαρακτήρα από developers, ενόψει και της εφαρμογής του Γενικού Κανονισμού για την Προστασία Δεόμενων (GDPR).

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  • Seguridad WordPress: Prevenir antes que limpiar un hackeo

    Seguridad WordPress: Prevenir antes que limpiar un hackeo

    Barcelona Meetup 2017Speaker: Javier Casares

    January 23, 2018 — Javier Casares habla de cómo aumentar la seguridad en WordPress, de la guía de seguridad WPdanger, y de su herramienta de análisis de seguridad para WordPress.

  • Varun Sharma: Is Your WordPress Website Secure?

    Varun Sharma: Is Your WordPress Website Secure?

    WordCamp Kuala LumpurSpeaker: Varun Sharma

    January 9, 2018 — Hackers attack WordPress sites both big and small, with over 100 thousand attacks happening per minute. Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can protect your WordPress site. WordPress is secure, but the fact is, all websites are targets for hackers – so no one is immune. Even a fresh install of WordPress with nothing on it, and that’s kept up-to-date is still at risk. We’ll discuss the various aspects of making your WordPress site bulletproof!

  • Akshat Choudhary: WordPress Security: Signal vs Noise

    Akshat Choudhary: WordPress Security: Signal vs Noise

    WordCamp Utrecht 2017Speaker: Akshat Choudhary

    December 21, 2017 — There is wide variety of advice and solutions when it comes to WordPress security. In this talk I will separate the signal from the noise. For example, should you rename your login page, change database prefix or even use a firewall. We will go deeper into each such point to explain whether they will be effective or not.

  • Bjørn Johansen: Create and Maintain a Secure WP Environment

    Bjørn Johansen: Create and Maintain a Secure WP Environment

    WordCamp Riga 2017Speaker: Bjørn Johansen

    December 20, 2017 — With more than 16 years of experience from the web industry, Bjørn has touched many areas such as development, consulting, training, project management, client support, and DevOps. Currently, he is a senior developer at a WordPress.com VIP Service Partner agency in Norway.

    At WordCamp Riga he talks about the processes and layers to secure your WordPress environment. There are ideas to pick up for all kinds of WordPress professionals (developers, project managers, site owners etc.).

  • Jean-Francois Arsenault: Guardians of the Website - Awesome Toolkit Vol. 1

    Jean-Francois Arsenault: Guardians of the Website – Awesome Toolkit Vol. 1

    WordCamp Halifax 2017, Halifax WordCamp 2017Speaker: Jean-Francois Arsenault

    December 12, 2017 — So you’ve just built (or contracted for) a shiny new WordPress website and now your first visitors are leaving comments, purchasing off your site… exciting!

    But just like out there in sci-fi movies, the internet can be a dangerous place: spam bots, malware attacks, insecure web hosting, etc.

    With this Awesome Toolkit Vol 1, I intend to provide you with all the basic (and some more advanced) WP management tools AND techniques that will ensure your site is secured, backed-up, and performs at its best.

    At the end of this presentation, you’ll have the know-how and resources to maintain your own site, or if you’re a designer, to improve what you deliver to your clients and ensure the safekeeping of their new site.

  • Chris Teitzel: Don’t Build a Death Star

    Chris Teitzel: Don’t Build a Death Star

    WordCamp US 2017Speaker: Chris Teitzel

    December 10, 2017 — Have you been tasked to build the most powerful weapon in the universe? No? How about a hyper performant and scalable system integrating multiple services and workflows all corners of the globe? Are you new to creating and maintaining a system for WordPress to thrive in, but don’t know how to keep it safe?

    Whatever your task is, architecture is key. And while putting an exhaust port on the reactor core seems like a good idea, trust me when I say it’ll blow up in your face later. “Death Star” security happens whenever a system relies entirely on an outermost security layer — and fails catastrophically when breached. Defense in depth is especially critical as a site becomes more complex, utilizing systems which may not all be on the same server.

    We’ll be exploring methods strong enough to cross the public Internet, flexible enough to allow your team to thrive, and robust enough to avoid single points of failure. Layering your security into a project from the beginning at every step and every layer will help prevent a young Jedi shooting a proton torpedo through a hole the size of a wamp rat and destroying your hard work.

    A talk for projects and teams of all sizes, this will be an interactive time filled with lessons learned and examples from the real world. Just promise that afterwards you’ll use what you learn for the good of the galaxy and that you won’t go build a planet sized weapon of mass destruction.

  • Ryan Markel: Security, the VIP Way

    Ryan Markel: Security, the VIP Way

    WordCamp US 2017Speaker: Ryan Markel

    December 10, 2017 — Every WordPress user is a VIP, and part of that VIP experience is knowing their installation, data, and user accounts are secure. WordPress.com VIP hosts and secures sites for some of the pre-eminent publishers and companies in the world. Ryan will share with you best practices from WordPress.com, WordPress.com VIP, and personal experience, to help you secure your sites, whether you are an individual blogger, a consultant helping people get started with WordPress, or an agency with multiple clients and customers.

  • Torsten Landsiedel: Die schmutzige Seite von WordPress

    Torsten Landsiedel: Die schmutzige Seite von WordPress

    WordCamp Cologne 2017Speaker: Torsten Landsiedel

    December 2, 2017 — Datenschutz, Privatsphäre, Sicherheitsmythen und UX-Absurditäten in WordPress und um WordPress herum.