‘Site Speed’ Videos

  • Cache: anche gli oggetti scadono, come lo yogurt

    WordCamp Italy (Italia) 2022Speaker: Fabrizio Leo

    December 18, 2022 — Uno dei principali obiettivi di chi realizza siti WordPress è sicuramente l’aspetto prestazionale.

    Tra i metodi più diffusi per raggiungere quest’obiettivo c’è sicuramente l’utilizzo della cache.

    Tutti sappiamo, più o meno, cos’è la cache di un sito web e come funziona ma non tutti i sistemi di cache danno gli stessi risultati.

    In questo talk vedremo insieme l’utilizzo dei sistemi di cache come strumento fondamentale per massimizzare le prestazioni, ridurre l’assorbimento di risorse server-side e gestire picchi di traffico importanti. Vedremo, inoltre, quali sono, secondo la mia esperienza, le migliori tecnologie Open Source di cache e un caso studio di un sito WordPress ad alto traffico.

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  • Phil Marx: Die neuen Bewertungskriterien von Google

    WordPress Meetup BerlinSpeaker: Phil Marx

    February 2, 2021 — Die neuen Bewertungskriterien von Google
    (Cumulative Layout Shift, Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay)

    Zielgruppe: SEO, Entwickler, Fortgeschrittene

    Ab Mai 2021 wird Google bei der Bewertung von Webseiten drei Faktoren in erheblicher Weise berücksichtigen:
    – Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)
    – Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
    – First Input Delay (FID)

    Entwickler und Autoren, die sich mit diesen Werten nicht beschäftigen, laufen Gefahr, dass ihre Seiten an Ranking verlieren.
    In diesem Vortrag gibt es einen Einstieg in die Bedeutung dieser Begriffe, wie man seine eigene Seite prüfen kann und einige grundsätzliche Verbesserungsvorschläge für die eigene Seite.

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  • Lucy Beer: What’s Making Our Websites Slow? We Are!

    WordCamp Seattle 2019Speaker: Lucy Beer

    April 2, 2020 — Everyday, site owners are wondering how to improve their site’s speed. Have you implemented caching and all the usual technical tips related to performance but still feel something is lacking? In this talk you’ll learn what makes a page fast, the 3 biggest enemies of speed, how to assess your site and how to build your pages with performance in mind.

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  • Peter Baylies: Speeding Up Your WordPress Site!

    WordCamp Asheville 2019Speaker: Peter Baylies

    August 5, 2019 — This session covers how to analyze and identify slowdowns and bottlenecks in your website performance, use the right tools and plugins to optimize your website page speed, and leverage Javascript and the WordPress REST API to add fast, dynamic content on your newly speedy site!


    Performance analysis and debugging is the first key step in site optimization. This will guide the next optimization steps, such as caching, or image optimization. Often, there is much room for improvement, and complex sites can benefit from caching at several different levels.

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  • Tom J Nowell: Turbocharging Site Speed… With Taxonomies

    WordCamp Belfast 2018Speaker: Tom J Nowell

    April 17, 2019 — Taxonomies can give you product categories, or city tags, but did you know with the right tricks they can massively boost your sites performance?

    Follow Tom down the rabbit hole of private taxonomies, learn the common data storage mistakes that cripple your sites performance nobody’s talking about

  • Andrew Wilder: Slow sites suck! How to speed up WordPress without touching a line of code.

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2017Speaker: Andrew Wilder

    January 14, 2018 — If your website is slow, your visitors won’t stick around…and worse, Google will actually penalize a slow site in the search results. In this session, we’ll cover the basics of site speed optimization, including how web pages work (so you’ll know what to optimize), and a variety of plugins, resources, and strategies for speeding things up on your and your clients’ sites. You’ll walk away with a punchlist of concrete steps that you can implement right away!

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  • Lucas Prigge: Ladezeiten messen & verbessern mit Google & WPT

    WordCamp Cologne 2017Speaker: Lucas Prigge

    November 29, 2017 — Locas Prigge erklärt, wie man mittels Google und Webpagetest.org die Ladezeiten seiner Webseite verbessern kann.

  • Brecht Ryckaert: Speeding Up WordPress

    WordCamp Nijmegen 2017Speaker: Brecht Ryckaert

    October 15, 2017 — In deze talk gaan we over de mogelijke oorzaken van een trage front- en/of backend in WordPress. We nemen de tools door waarmee we de vertraging kunnen analyseren en vervolgens gaan we bekijken welke optimalisaties er kunnen worden uitgevoerd. Dit zowel binnen WordPress (plugins en best practices), binnen de bestandsstructuur van de webserver en door middel van extra lagen (cachingservices).

  • Sandeep Raman: How to Speed-Up Your WordPress Site – For Users and Developers

    WordCamp Pune 2017Speaker: Sandeep Raman

    May 13, 2017 — Is your WordPress website performing at it’s best? How quickly does the page load? Is it sluggish?

    With an average attention span of just 8 seconds for a human being in 2016, your website has 2-5 seconds to load else it loses the customer forever.

    Speeding up your site is no longer want, but a need in any modern websites.

    So, How can I as a WordPress user speed up my website? Do I need a developer to speed it up?

    As a Developer, what quick tips are available to optimize a WordPress website?

    Whether you are an end user or a developer, what quick wins you can apply to your WordPress site to make it go faster. – Learn and Apply the tips from this session on your WordPress site.

    Sandeep Raman will be answering this and other questions.