Sandeep Raman: How to Speed-Up Your WordPress Site – For Users and Developers

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May 13, 2017

Is your WordPress website performing at it’s best? How quickly does the page load? Is it sluggish?

With an average attention span of just 8 seconds for a human being in 2016, your website has 2-5 seconds to load else it loses the customer forever.

Speeding up your site is no longer want, but a need in any modern websites.

So, How can I as a WordPress user speed up my website? Do I need a developer to speed it up?

As a Developer, what quick tips are available to optimize a WordPress website?

Whether you are an end user or a developer, what quick wins you can apply to your WordPress site to make it go faster. – Learn and Apply the tips from this session on your WordPress site.

Sandeep Raman will be answering this and other questions.

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