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  • Chandra Patel, Imran Sayed: Improving Your Debugging Skills In WordPress.

    Pune WordPress Knowledge Exchange MeetupSpeakers: Chandra Patel, Imran Sayed

    May 10, 2020 — In a world increasingly run by software, failures can be caused by bugs.
    Failure to find and fix bugs quickly has a financial, personal and reputational cost to an organisation. It can impact on product delivery time as well.

    A large portion of developer’s time is spent in debugging.
    However, when was the last time we worked on improving our debugging skills?
    This is one of the rarely discussed topics.

    This meetup talks about improving our debugging skills, that can help us make it simpler to quickly find and fix critical bugs, so that we can deliver to ever-shortening deadlines and boosts overall productivity.

    This online free meetup will cover:
    1. Common challenges and misconceptions of developers when debugging.
    2. Thinking in the right direction for quick fixes.
    3. Tips on debugging WordPress backend and front-end.
    4. Can exploring WordPress core help in debugging?
    5. Is manual debugging better?
    6. Real world examples

    Chandra and Imran will also share their experience and best practices, when debugging.


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  • Ulf Schönefeld: WordPress und Community

    WordPress Meetup NürnbergSpeaker: Ulf Schönefeld

    March 20, 2020 — Oft herrscht die Vorstellung vor, um an einem großen Open-Source-Projekt wie WordPress mitzuarbeiten zu können, müsste man zumindest ein Informatikstudium erfolgreich absolviert haben – genau mit diesem Trugschluss will Ulf Schönefeld aufräumen. Ziel ist es das Projekt WordPress und die dahinterstehende Community beim Termin näherzubringen. Wie sind selbige organisiert, was sind sinnvolle Anlaufstellen und welche Möglichkeiten bestehen sich dort einzubringen; selbst gesetzt dem Fall, dass man von technischen Dingen wie PHP, HTML, CSS oder JavaScript so überhaupt gar keine Ahnung hat.

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  • Nevena Tomovic: Renaissance Jobs in WordPress: Skills you need to Survive the 21-st Century Career

    WordCamp Europe 2019Speaker: Nevena Tomovic

    November 4, 2019 — The idea of a single long-lasting career is fast becoming a thing of the past and, according to Dell’s report, 85% of jobs in the year 2030 haven’t been invented yet. WordPress disrupted the publishing industry in 2003, and with Gutenberg is at the forefront of innovation, but what skills are needed for WordPressers to survive the 21st-century career? Nevena will focus on results from world-renowned surveys conducted globally and a survey conducted in the WordPress community. She will attempt to answer questions about ‘renaissance jobs’ we find ourselves in and how to attract new talent through WordPress education.

  • Corum Chu: 運用心理學技巧 讓WordPress網站變得更吸引

    WordCamp Hong Kong 2019Speaker: Corum Chu

    October 25, 2019 — Corum會跟大家討論運用心理學技巧讓Wordpress網站變得更吸引。

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  • Rachel Cherry: In Praise of the Side Project: How to Learn New Skills, Make Money, and Have a Little Fun

    WordCamp Phoenix 2017Speaker: Rachel Cherry

    January 24, 2018 — Many great projects, products, and companies have grown out of side projects or hobbies. Apple, Twitter, and even Gmail exist because someone dedicated their spare time to testing the waters. Most of your favorite WordPress themes, plugins, and websites were brought to life during someone’s day off.

    But not all side projects need to be huge, life-altering excursions. Whether it’s building a WordPress plugin, learning a new software package, or building an entire website, they can be whatever you need them to be; from developing a new skill to bringing in extra income to simply having a little fun. Side projects can also be a great way to learn what you’re made of, try new avenues, and build relationships with other web professionals.

    Join Rachel to discuss the pros (and cons) of side projects, learn about a few projects that turned into so much more, and hopefully leave with a few ideas of your own.

  • Maxime Jobin: Comment vendre vos compétences WordPress plus cher que vos compétiteurs ?

    WordCamp Montreal 2017Speaker: Maxime Jobin

    October 13, 2017 — Dans un monde où des “experts” de WordPress sont disponibles sur Fiverr pour 5$, y a-t-il de l’argent à faire avec WordPress ? Avoir les compétences est une chose n’est pas suffisant. Est-ce possible, dans l’économie globale dans laquelle nous vivons, de les vendre à un prix plus élevé que la concurence ? La réponse est: oui. Cette présentation vous montrera comment.

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  • Andrea Zoellner: How I Made a Living Using WordPress Without Knowing a Line of Code

    WordCamp Toronto 2015Speaker: Andrea Zoellner

    January 16, 2016 — Think only coders can make a living using WordPress? Think again! There are a surprising number of ways to make a career using WordPress without knowing a single line of code. This presentation will tackle some of the barriers that discourage beginners from using WordPress professionally, like a lack of technical skill and feeling like an impostor.

    Shed the fear and discover different career options and simple WordPress tips while learning to leverage your unique skill set for the tech industry.

    Learning Outcomes:

    – Participants will be encouraged to use WordPress professionally.
    – Participants will be inspired to keep learning and pursue tech.
    – They will be able to market their skills for the tech industry.
    – They will have resources on how to learn to code and how to build up their knowledge and experience.

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  • Sarah Pressler: So You Want to Work With(In) WordPress?!

    WordCamp Los Angeles 2015Speaker: Sarah Pressler

    October 7, 2015 — You read through WordPress for Dummies and thought, “I ain’t no dummy! I can do this!” Only to find out – you really didn’t LIKE messing with PHP files and you broke more than you built. But you love WordPress and really want to make a living leveraging your skills within the WordPress economy and/or community. Well, there’s definitely more to building a career in WordPress than stylesheets, hooks, and loops. From part time bloggers to full time CEO’s, WordPress offers a diverse array of options for the budding or seasoned professional. In this session we will explore different professional skill sets that are utilized by freelancers, small agencies and large WordPress companies. With an emphasis on investing in the community at large, we will cover how to network your way to the top! (Or, at least …. how to grow your career in WordPress!) This will be an informative discussion and I will open the floor for questions/comments at the end.

  • Colin Murphy: The World of WordPress – Roles, Tasks, and Skills in WordPress Development

    WordCamp Rhode Island 2015Speaker: Colin Murphy

    October 3, 2015 — Today, are you a WordPress designer, developer, marketer, user?

    What about tomorrow?

    Available technology and visitor demands are raising expectations for sites. Collaboration can help us tap into specialized knowledge to get our projects done more quickly, with better results. Understanding your role and the roles of others can make you a great collaborator, can help you find resources, and can show you a path to grow in the WordPress community.

    Come learn about the World of WordPress and meet your neighbors from many lands each with specialized languages, cultures and funny customs. Find a role, find a collaborator, find your place in The World of WordPress.

  • Ryan Kanner: How Being a Musician Made Me a Better Developer

    WordCamp Boston 2015Speaker: Ryan Kanner

    August 3, 2015 — In this talk, we look at the parallels between being a musician, and being a developer. I’ll share my story of how I transitioned from music to development, and how the skills I learned from being a musician helped me succeed in the development world.