Aaron Hockley: After Launching a Couple Dozen Blogs…


September 26, 2009

Aaron Hockley talks about the numerous steps used during the recent launch of SocialPhotoTalk.com, including planning and site setup, theme and plugin configuration, launch steps, and basic publicity.

Video production by Joe Christensen of Blaze Streaming Media.

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WordCamp Seattle 2009 12


Aaron Hockley 10


installation 10
planning 4
Plugins 108
publicity 1
Themes 98


English 1985

MP4: Low, Med
OGG: Low
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3 Responses to “Aaron Hockley: After Launching a Couple Dozen Blogs…”

  1. Adam Arnold

    Some handy tips there Aaron, thanks


  2. Weston Deboer

    I wish that wordpress.tv let you download content, I would love to watch this later on my iphone.


  3. Clarence Johnson

    Someone asked Aaron about Facebook. I recommend the “Wordbook” plugin by Robert Tsai. I use it and it works well.


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