Matt Mullenweg: WordPress Now


October 29, 2009

Matt Mullenweg on uses for WordPress, the difference between and, WordPress VIP, the WordPress Showcase, WordPress and social media tools, and the challenges ahead for WordPress development.

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36 Responses to “Matt Mullenweg: WordPress Now”

  1. aindreas

    cool, great interview :-)

  2. staycool

    not bad, I guess…

  3. Gustavo T. Santos


    This video is useful for show and explain to people how WordPress can be useful for them.

  4. Arnold Shields

    Great interview, cool visuals and audio.

  5. msty101

    Great job Matt your video came across well. I will watch a few more times because I’m a newbie.

    Thanks again

  6. claudia

    great interview

  7. Martino

    very good :)
    Great Job Matt

  8. Marabello22

    Great interview, cool visuals and audio

  9. andrej

    Nice explanations of WP.

  10. Samuel Lavoie

    nice clean and simple way to explain, wordpress and all that

  11. dmwilliams1020

    I thought this was great!

  12. ploie

    a very informative interview, i got a better perspective on W

  13. Ricardo Pizarro Iturrieta

    I think the interview was pretty clear and informative and clarifies points on,. org and other comparisons, in the final thanks for all clears matters.

  14. rouademunte

    Very important information.I thought this was great!

  15. terryjonesca

    Great explanation of difference between and Terrific real time interview!

  16. creativemf

    The questions are ADR and it seems kinda weird in transition to (Matt) and there are strange audio artifacts growling in the background. But I think the kid is very straightforward about a very simple thing. Good job.

  17. tulip1810

    Good Job Matt, I think you did a great job of explaining the differences between and Why to go buddy! Mo

  18. seventhrayspiritualcentre

    Very nice to have these kinds of videos to watch – as a relatively new user, it’s great to know that other people are using WordPress in very much the same way as I am.

    I think you guys are doing a sterling job – thanks!

  19. nathaneharvey

    Wow, I’m glad I watched this. I kept pausing it and getting distracted, but now I realize I should probably checkout I’m really impressed to hear about the companies and people who use WordPress. (Including your mom) :)

  20. Edwin

    Wow, the video is a great eye opener for a newbie like me. It just fires my imagination about what I can do with word press. I like the analogy given about “owning your own house and renting” to illustrate the difference between and Great keep up the good works

  21. Karen

    very high quality informative video. it has a personal and public feel to it.

  22. Moriah Martin

    I am just introducing myself to wordpress….I am here because I would say 75% of the impressive blogs I have seen all use wordpress as their platform.

  23. peterlui

    just joined thumbs up

  24. ocube

    Nice… wished I could afford the VIP hosting, my current host is slipping and need to move soon.

  25. George

    FBI CIA CNN FOX wow! we are not wrong.. WP is the best

  26. Richard

    Good lead in to what WordPress is allabout.

  27. cliffwms44

    Matt is confident so, it’s cool wordpress for life man!

  28. annoytheleft

    I wonder what his mom’s blog is about…

  29. Marluce

    Very good!
    Great interview

  30. Madeline

    surprisingly informative…explained the comprehensive uses of and plus the distinctions between the two while listing the features and benefits so that YOU can determine the better media match for your intentions…much more than I expected…appreciated the straighforward explainations.

    thanks for the services and the continuing improvements,

  31. Ninette

    I think the video is a great way to introduce WordPress. I have to say…that over everything else and blog tools it really is the most professional and has the best features. Bite me Google!

  32. Mary Ann

    Nicely done and very pleasant way to gain information. Good comparison between and .org. Nice clear introduction.

  33. Judit & Corina

    After weeks and weeks of contemplating if we should fix our troubled Joomla website or start with a new or .com, we finally made our decision. Your video was extremely helpful. OK meet WineDIneTv.
    Cheers and Thank you,
    Judit & Corina

  34. WEBNET Communications

    Cheers to the camera-man, video and audio quality rock. The interview is kinda useful for beginners, but it has a good subject.

    Thanks for sharing Matt.

  35. Chief

    Yes, audio is great. Renting and owning analogy is helpful. I’ll use it next time I’m explaining org vs. com to my clients. Thanks.

  36. ericwalters747

    Trying to come to grips with the best platform for our Blog, following discussion with a number of SEO-types at MeetUps, coming on board with takes some ‘getting the mind around’ – this clip sure helps. Thanks

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