Make Quick Posts to Your WordPress Blog with Press This


March 17, 2013

Press This is an easy to install bookmarklet that allows you to grab just about anything off of the web (like a text quote, video, or image) and turn it in to a blog post, all without ever touching the dashboard of your WordPress site. Follow along as we cover how to install this bookmark tool, and walk you through several novel uses.

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6 Responses to “Make Quick Posts to Your WordPress Blog with Press This”

  1. Erica

    I want to add an image with Press This but when I select “insert image” nothing happens. I tried uninstalling all of my plugins and switching to Twenty Thirteen but neither helps the issue. Can someone please suggest what I should try next to get Press This working properly?


  2. LissaCoffey

    where can i get this bookmarklet


  3. Hardeep Asrani

    Hope I did good job with subtitles. It was my first attempt :)


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