Speakers: Jerry Bates

  • Jerry Bates: WordPress TV

    WordCamp San Francisco 2014Speaker: Jerry Bates

    November 2, 2014 — Jerry talks about WordPress TV, taking videos from WordCamps, MeetUps & other sources and how moderators edit the videos to get them ready to publish on wordpress.tv.

  • How to update subtitles on WordPress.tv

    Speaker: Jerry Bates

    August 17, 2014 — On WordPress.tv it is only possible to have one subtitle file (per language) associated with any video.

    If you have an updated subtitle file, you will first need to break the videos “connection” with the existing file before you can upload it.

    However, deleting the subtitle file in the media library is not enough to resolve this issue. You will need to edit the media details for the video instead, as shown in this screencast.

  • How to fix the error: “You can not subtitle this video”

    Speaker: Jerry Bates

    August 17, 2014 — For some older WordPress.tv video, it may not be possible to upload captions properly.

    This is due to a problem in the past where videos not being attached to posts correctly; however, this is easy to fix by manually attaching the video to the post.

    This screencast will show you how to resolve this error so captions can be successfully added to the video.

  • Approving Subtitles on WordPress.tv

    Speaker: Jerry Bates

    August 17, 2014 — Subtitles (or translations) submitted for videos on this site will need to be moderated before they can appear on the video.

    This screencast shows you how to moderate and approve subtitles and translations for videos on WordPress.tv

  • Preparing your AVCHD video files for WordPress.tv

    Speaker: Jerry Bates

    August 17, 2014 — Your Foundation video camera is set to record in the AVCHD format,
    Which produces great quality video and audio, but can be difficult to work with.

    Unfortunately, these will need to be converted to .MP4 format before they can be uploaded to WordPress.tv. The first step is to access the .MTS files contained within the AVCHD package, as these are the video files we will need to edit and convert..

    This video will show you how to access the AVCHD package and locate the .MTS files found within, as well as how to use the VLC Media Player to preview them.

    Downloads page: VLC Media Player »

  • How to add subtitles and translations to WordPress.tv

    Speaker: Jerry Bates

    August 8, 2014 — This video shows you how to add a subtitle or translation file to any video hosted on WordPress.tv. Before you get started it is a good idea to first go to Amara.org and create a free account.

    Create your Amara account »

  • How to upload your WordCamp videos to WordPress.tv

    Speaker: Jerry Bates

    August 8, 2014 — This is a step by step guide for uploading WordCamp videos to our Amazon S3 cloud storage account. To get credentials please contact WordCamp Central and let us know what WordCamp you are handling video for.

  • How to Create a Custom Navigation Menu

    Speaker: Jerry Bates

    August 3, 2013 — It’s easy to create a custom navigation menu for your site using the WordPress custom menu function. We’ll cover how to set up your first custom menu, as well how to create drop-down menus and other basic settings.

  • How to Install Jetpack Site Stats on your WordPress site

    Speaker: Jerry Bates

    March 18, 2013 — Understanding the kind of traffic you have on your website is the first critical step in making it better optimized for visitors and search engines. We show you how to add Jetpack to your WordPress website, and how to configure site stats to display analytics directly in the dashboard of your site.

  • Make Quick Posts to Your WordPress Blog with Press This

    Speaker: Jerry Bates

    March 17, 2013 — Press This is an easy to install bookmarklet that allows you to grab just about anything off of the web (like a text quote, video, or image) and turn it in to a blog post, all without ever touching the dashboard of your WordPress site. Follow along as we cover how to install this bookmark tool, and walk you through several novel uses.