Jerry Bates: How to Create a Custom Navigation Menu


August 3, 2013

It’s easy to create a custom navigation menu for your site using the WordPress custom menu function. We’ll cover how to set up your first custom menu, as well how to create drop-down menus and other basic settings.

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One Response to “Jerry Bates: How to Create a Custom Navigation Menu”

  1. last bench

    Hi, this video is very good. I added a submenu from a category and works fine. However while on the sub-menu (category) view/page That sub-gategory title does not show on top (where all menu show). So in your next video maybe you could also show us how to display the path (just below the menu) on the page itself , so viewers know where they are (in the sub-menu). (e.g. Home > Book store > Magazines).


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