Arranging links into categories

3 responses on “Arranging links into categories

  1. auntieseldoen

    I am having a really frustrating time categorizing my links! The only way I can get any to appear on my blog is to create them and then to rename this strange category that appears–21428464 — “Links.” But I can’t add links, and I can’t have multiple categories.

    From watching your videos, I know that I am missing (or can’t figure out how to open up?) the “categories module” that should allow me to assign my links to categories. What do I do?



  2. womenhikers

    I am looking for seperate catagories for my site also and it does seem a bit tricky


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January 5, 2009

If you get to the point where you have a huge sprawl of links to other websites in your blogroll, you might want to organize them into categories to make your links easier to navigate. This short tutorial shows you how.

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