Moderating your recent comments from the dashboard

12 responses on “Moderating your recent comments from the dashboard

  1. KedeElupe

    mm. really like it )

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Eduardo Laporte

    But it doesn’t explain HOW ACTIVATE THE MODERATION COMMENTS OPTIONS… I don’t find it anywhere my friends!!!


  3. Administrare

    hehe, good idea at all 🙂


  4. blog4readers

    yes…i was wondering how to make comments private and not post them…didn’t realize that you could “unapprove” them and they would still remain in the comment “folder”

    is there a way to save them to another area?


  5. Georginia Lee

    Little bit of confuse here, as above how to make comments private?


  6. naveena12

    i did not give comment option for visitor or reader but I am recieving comments i can see recent commets in worspress site admin panel how they are commenting and where are commenting i want to know, can you please help me out?


  7. dert

    the best in the world


  8. Karen

    A reader responded on a recipe and asked for clarification. I provided the clarification through an update on the recipe. I responded that the recipe was updated. She did not receive my response. is there another step besides responding? Karen


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January 5, 2009

If you want to get a quick glance at your latest comments, or moderate them right from the dashboard, this video will walk you through the feature

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