The dashboard – introduction

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  1. ricardoellis

    When i first upgraded to 2.7 i was like, ” WoW, a whole lot have changed to the dashboard…”. Hope later in the future they are more ” screen options”.


  2. Trevor Patzer

    This was really helpful. Thank you!


  3. yupneck

    Wasn’t sure about WordPress at first but after a quick review of the “well documented” support information, felt confortable almost immideately. Thanks!


  4. My Style

    Thank’s, I’m really thankfull for all that you post!


  5. ileaneb

    Love the dashboard, but it had not occured to me that I could move things around. Glad I watched this. Thanks.


  6. ArcherTC

    Because I was seeking a video to introduce the dashboard basics to new users, this video does not suffice. This is more appropriate to WordPress users who already know the dashboard. Perhaps “WordPress – Introduction to Dashboard Customization” is the better title?


  7. Jane

    I would LOVE to see some beginner or basic videos for WordPress? Its a great program but its very confusing for a new user.
    Thank you.


  8. ileaneb

    They have plenty of videos here. It’s just that they are not all in one place. Go to Support at and click on some of the Topics to find them. If you have a question about let me know and I can try to help you out.


  9. Jane

    Thank you!
    Yes indeed there are a lot of great videos! I just wish they were organized better, like starting with the basics, and going forward from there.
    But this is a great start, I am saving the ones that I want to review.


  10. ileaneb

    Good for you! If you need help finding something, just post it here and I will help you if I can. Blogging with is so much fun.


  11. Jane

    Check out any of the training videos, they all start from the most basic and go forward to the more difficult things.
    Its really easy to navigate thru their videos. Beginning at the top, and as you progress down thru the links, its more advanced.
    The site is free for some of the basics, but to get all of them or see the whole thing, its a paying site.
    I sure learned a lot from them!
    They cover many softwares, but yours only is for one, so start at the basics and have the links go up from there, not to have them scattered all about.


  12. jrobb1

    I am setting up a web page/blog using Ocean Mist template. I’ve set up some pages, a static Home page, About, Contact, and Blog. I don’t know why the site doesn’t show up in color so I can view how it looks so far and what I want to do next. It’s a little confusing. I can view the dashboard and all of the settings. What is next? Looking for help…thanks.


  13. jrobb1

    Ryan, thanks. I still have issues.The site shows up on IE, but not Firefox. So far I cannot find the solution. I followed instructions to clear out the cache and cookies in Firefox tools. Still, the Ocean Mist template/colors and my custom header photo do not show up for me in Firefox. Terribly frustrating. Should I be contacting support at a different address? Thank you, appreciate your help.


  14. العاب برق

    thanks for infomation


  15. Moddi

    Will Gutenberg also coming to then WordPress 5.0 is coming to


  16. Jose A

    nice guide


  17. amir eyvazi

    thank you


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January 5, 2009

The dashboard is easy to set-up, customize and use the way you want to. This video walks you through it’s features

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