Adding users to your blog (or removing them)

25 responses on “Adding users to your blog (or removing them)

  1. Margaret Week

    This is a neat feature for the future. Thank you.


  2. Joseph Eulo

    Where can I get the theme for


  3. Ciwan

    thank You Michael Pick > You are a star bro

    These videos are sooooo awesome ! I wish everyone was as smart as you guys here at WordPress and did videos instead of LONG, AWEFUL Instructions.

    Thank you πŸ™‚


    • Michael Pick

      Thanks Ciwan – glad it’s working for you! We’re just getting started, but it’s been great to hear people’s feedback and ideas for the next wave of content πŸ™‚


  4. vsedinger

    Thanks, Michael, for the vids. As a relative novice to this whole process, I love that I can tweak and add as I go. Little by little, I’m getting the site to where I don’t have to depend on my host to do it all.


  5. gazzasonline

    Thanks Michael, I have set up a blog for a franchise business of mine, so I would ideally like it to be a closed blogg. It will have around 50 people.

    How exactly do I invite them, and allow them to be able to post comments and invite discussion.

    I followed your invite tutorial, tested myself using another email address, however it simply invites me to set up a blog not join my blog?

    Really confused at the moment!




  6. gazzasonline

    Thanks Michael, appreciate the feedback. Unfortunatley I still unsure. Most of the people I will be inviting will not have the IT skills to work within the dashboard.

    A silly question- Lets say I lauch my blogg – and simply send them an email link to the blog can they

    i) only comment on posts I write or

    ii) write their own posts




  7. andy jacob

    Michael, I need your help! I have removed some contributers from my Blog, and they still show up in the author widget. How do I lose them from the widget?


  8. dhooks

    Hi Michael, can you reply to gazzasonline question. I’m having the same issue. I just want people to post on my blog, not join. They don’t want to join, just post.
    Is it possible?

    Thank you,
    De Mar


  9. boiieuan

    Right this video helped me on what i knew i just cant invite someone i try to but then i fill out all there is to do(so my name last name and stuff)it just says complite the from when i have help please


  10. Susan

    I would like to allow someone to view my blog and make comments using the comment options on each page, but I don’t know that I want them contributing posts or editing my posts.

    Is there an option for allowing someone to see only the surface and not have access to the dashboard at all?

    Many thanks,


  11. whiterhino

    Thanks for this tutorial – short & sweet, and above all informative.


  12. Lisa

    Questions: If I add someone as an administrator to my blog, do I still retain “ownership” of my blog?
    (1) Will that person be able to delete me as a user (admin or otherwise)?
    (2) Will I be able to remove that person as an user/admin?


    • Ryan Markel

      Other admins will not be able to remove you as the owner of the blog, but they *will* be able to delete the blog itself, which is a permanent thing. They can also change a whole bunch of other site settings without your approval.

      We recommend you not have more than one administrator for a blog unless you absolutely trust that person and they must have access to site configuration. For the vast majority of needs, the Editor role is best suited to a co-blogger.


  13. Selena

    Hi!- I’ve tried to add an administrative user and the response is that this person does not belong to the community, although they do have their own wordpress blog. I tried it with another friend, different blog, and we got the same reply. Is there a special trick?


    • Michael Pick

      Most commonly when I’ve seen this in the past, it’s been through not using the email attached to the person’s account. It’s worth checking their profiles to see if the email is different. If the problem persists, I’d recommend getting in touch with support.


  14. politologist

    Let me get this straight:

    If I want to have multiple authors on one blog, each author must use an email address and create a account. They do not have to create a blog, but just an account?

    I have been trying to follow the steps on the help videos, but nothing is advancing.

    What If I just want to have different author names while I am blogging on multiple blogs with my single wordpress account with a single email address?
    Why? Each blog has a different theme and name, so I thought I would invent a different author name for each blog. Thus far, I have not found this capability.


    • Michael Pick

      If I want to have multiple authors on one blog, each author must use an email address and create a account. They do not have to create a blog, but just an account?

      That’s right.

      What If I just want to have different author names while I am blogging on multiple blogs with my single wordpress account with a single email address?

      We don’t currently support this feature. The nearest way would be to use different email addresses (such as multiple gmail/ymail/hotmail accounts) and to then invite each email account to your blog or blogs, assigning them a different username.

      For more information on adding users, see our related support doc. In the example video here you’ll see that I’ve used the method above to add multiple identities to the same blog.


  15. Paul

    This is a very useful feature but I always add users don’t remove them because I love my readers and visitors.



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January 12, 2009

If you’d like to blog with friends, colleagues or family, you can invite other people to join you in creating your blog content. This short tutorial shows you how to add or remove people, and explains the differences between permission levels.

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