CSS Tricks: Designing for WordPress Part Three of Three

8 responses on “CSS Tricks: Designing for WordPress Part Three of Three

  1. Mark Erickson

    This was a great overview and a great screencast!


  2. Robw

    Great, some really cool tips that helped me understand designing for WordPress a bit more. Good to see a your design coming together… real good mix of customisation techniques.


  3. Keith Beucler

    I’m very new to WordPress and PHP and it finally makes sense to me now. I particularly like how you explained how the different sections of WordPress are used in a site. Thanks for taking the time to produce such an information filled set of screen casts.


  4. adam

    great screencast! only problem i have with screencasts like this, that even in fullscreen mode i still cant read the code. its too blurry or small no matter what i do. ive tried in several monitors and several video sizes. is it just me?


    • Michael Pick

      Hey Adam – due to the way the dimensions for Chris’s videos are translated by our player they aren’t HD. However – you can get a really nice quality version for Chris’s site by following the link in the sidebar. There are even extra goodies, links, downloads etc.


    • Joanne Plamondon

      No adam it’s not just you.

      Chris, is there any chance you can make the CSS available for download so we can actually see it? I’ve been coding HTML for 12 years but know little about php but understand structure and seeing the actual code would greatly help. I’ll be glad to give you any credit for code snippets use 🙂


  5. john

    Thanks for the tutorial. I was great.


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January 23, 2009

In this final part of his three part series on designing for WordPress, Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks.com walks you through putting the finishing touches to your WordPress theme, including adding dynamic social media content, such as Twitter updates, to your theme. You can find additional content links and downloadable video at the original CSS-Tricks post

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