CSS-Tricks: Designing for WordPress Part Two of Three

18 responses on “CSS-Tricks: Designing for WordPress Part Two of Three

  1. Shane Arthur


    As a former computer instructor, I must say you did a kick-ass job here. And to free-style it the way you did is even more impressive. Anybody who’s done screencasts would know how difficult this is. Fantastic, really.

    And that color key trick in your style sheet was cool, too. Never thought of that.

    I can’t believe this video has no comments either. This is hands down the best dissection of wordpress customization I’ve ever seen.

    Shane Arthur
    twitter: shanearthur


  2. whew!

    this was amazing but overwhelming for a first timer like me. don’t think i could repeat what you did yet, but aspire to it in the future!
    Jennifer Leigh Rice
    Follow Me: twitter.com/jleighrice


  3. creativeworks

    this is awesome. Thanks for the work. I’m from a graphic design background. Using photoshop makes it simple. Thx.


  4. Darren

    This is amazing. You are doing a great service to the world by showing this tutorial! Well done.

    Take care,


  5. Dave

    I’m getting started designing my own theme, and this is incredibly helpful. Thanks much.



  6. Jaume Sala

    Thanks Chris this is relly helpful. Good job 🙂


  7. Bob


    What software do you use for screencasting? I’d like to give this a try myself.


  8. Gordon

    Hi Chris,

    Just watched: “CSS-Tricks: Designing for WordPress Part Two of Three”, will need to watch it a second time. Is there a way of getting the style.css that you used in the video? This would help in studying your example.


  9. todd

    thanks very much for posting this!!!


  10. Mark

    Absolutely wonderful series here. Yeah, a little slow, but then again slowing down really helped me take it in more thoroughly – and very good for beginners. I used to create a css layout first and then copy bits of code from another template into my newly created template but i see that this video show a way that is more controllable – resets ALL the CSS.

    Thank you very much for spending your time creating a helpful resource & reference.


  11. Mehul Khatiwala

    Hi Chris,
    Nice work done. Keep it up….


  12. Rhonda

    I enjoyed the videos. I am new to WordPress and CSS but your video did an excellent job of explaining the code set up. I did have a problem with extracting the “stark” theme. For some reason, it only extracted 2 files, so I extracted the “naked” theme.


  13. Sean

    You should really use CSSEdit, it will really speed up your workflow.


  14. shine

    yea he should have really used css edit.


  15. john

    Chris, good job. I am not a programmer so thanks for you help.



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January 23, 2009

In this second of three tutorials Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks.com talks you through the process of getting your WordPress blog set up before going into detail on the design of your custom theme.

For links to additional files and downloadable video, visit the original post at CSS-Tricks

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