One-Click Self-Installation of WordPress with HostICan

8 responses on “One-Click Self-Installation of WordPress with HostICan

  1. dr razahaider

    thumbs up


  2. Jared Hilton

    Does this only work for HostICan? I’d like to set up an account with , but if I can’t install WordPress that easily on there, then I’d rather use HostICan.


  3. Wordpress Hosting

    WordPress has become the most popular used platform in its category. A recent search i conducted on Alexa found to be number 22 in the top most visited websites “globally”.

    WordPress not only makes it easy to create a blog but it has also been used to develop websites, simply because it makes it so easy to update.

    This is why we decided to introduce a 1 click installation for wordpress.



  4. coolzrock

    Thanks for the tutorial. WordPress is the best, in CMS, and Blog Engine!
    Rock on, WordPress 🙂


  5. gratha



  6. Martin Hemmer

    It’s a very interesting subject I was looking around about more information but you got really what i was looking for in your article so thanks and keep it up you have a great blog .
    I’m very interested in CMS and all its related subjects.


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February 9, 2009

HostICan are one of our recommended hosting providers. In this short video we walk you through getting your WordPress blog self-installed with a few clicks via your HostICan CPanel.

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