Timothy Ferriss: Blogging Without Killing Yourself

11 responses on “Timothy Ferriss: Blogging Without Killing Yourself

  1. Stijn

    Thanks for the video, guys. This has proven to be an interesting session. Definately worth my time.

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  2. Matt Harris

    I found this to be a very informative. Tim confirmed some of the things I have been thinking about myself in respect to my own blogging experience for a while now. It was also great to see the man behind the blog in a more candid setting since I’ve been following him online for a while now. Thanks for the great lecture!

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  3. will

    Who is the musician playing in the opening/ending of the video?

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    • Michael Pick

      I’m afraid the musician is uncredited to the best of my knowledge, as this is taken from royalty free sessions recorded as part of a collection.

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  4. Michelle

    I think I’ve found my new favourite blogger. I got a lot out of this.

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  5. Darren

    Video stops at about 10 minutes and won’t restart again… anyone else having the same problem?

    Any solutions?


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  6. Dave Holowiski

    It was so much fun to see Tim speak in person, and even better to see Tim talking about WordPress! The Heatmap software he talked about (I think it was crazyegg) was very cool.

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  7. havingtime

    Love Tim – his contribution to the world is incredible…


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June 26, 2009

Bestselling author Timothy Ferriss delivers his presentation on effective blogging at WordCamp San Francisco 2009

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