Micah Baldwin: Measuring Online Influence – WordCamp Denver 2009

6 responses on “Micah Baldwin: Measuring Online Influence – WordCamp Denver 2009

  1. John Roberts

    Wish I could have seen the power point slides. Also a tile slide with introduction and weblink to speaker would have been nice. A .pdf of notes or presentation would make for good reference. I was uncomfortable with the constant references to douche bag. Wonder how the female attendees felt. Appreciated the insight.


  2. tvaneps

    I thought Micah Baldwin was very funny. Unconventional and to the point with alot of humor. I understood the content and am now on the hunt to see more of this free thinker and teacher. I am a blogger too, some would say depending on the blog and where it is located as intresting and engaging. Not to toot my own horn but Micah Baldwin states “write when you want to write…love what you do..” a great gift to all who love to write.


  3. stefanclick

    still isn’t there any way to get the slides or his blog?


  4. stefanclick

    http://learntoduck.com here is his site…. but slides?


  5. stefanclick

    here are the slides 🙂 http://www.slideshare.net/micahb


  6. stefanclick

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July 3, 2009

Micah Baldwin‘s presentation on measuring online influence at WordCamp Denver 2009

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