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  • Joe A Simpson Jr.: Lucky 7 - Don’T Do Anything Until You Hear This WordPress Presentation
  • Brad Morrison, Mickey Mellen and Naomi C. Bush: The WordCamp Experience, Every Month - Getting Involved in the Local Community

    Brad Morrison, Mickey Mellen and Naomi C. Bush: The WordCamp Experience, Every Month – Getting Involved in the Local Community

    WordCamp Atlanta 2019Speakers: Brad Morrison, Mickey Mellen, Naomi C. Bush

    July 7, 2019 — Did you know there are mini-WordCamps that happen every month all over Atlanta? WordCamp is awesome. From the great topics and happiness bar to meeting new people & catching up with old friends, everyone has a great time. But you don’t have to wait once a year to get this experience! Come meet the organizers of our local WordPress meetups and learn how you can continue your WordCamp experience year-round.

    If you’re local and applied to speak, but didn’t get accepted this year — or, if you’re thinking of applying to speak next year — this is where to start.

  • Joe Simpson: 90 Days - Finding Your Place in the WordPress Community

    Joe Simpson: 90 Days – Finding Your Place in the WordPress Community

    WordCamp Phoenix 2019Speaker: Joe Simpson

    June 10, 2019 — A great opening to a WordCamp, this is a tale of overcoming, revisiting dormant passions, inspiration, and motivating others through giving back to Community.

    After years of general fatigue, a myriad of tests without an answer, a catheter was inserted through my hip eventually winding its way to my heart, discovering two blocked arteries. After successfully re-opening them, I set out on difficult cardio-rehabilitation to regain heart fitness. During the next three months (including a leave of absence from work), Joe set out to restore my physical, spiritual and emotional well being. This speech details a 3-month journey of rediscovery the things that nourish and nurture each of these three areas — a thirst for learning, unearthing my dormant creativity and all things WordPress.

    He set out to become more mindful of the things that bring me positive energy including truly engaging in the Community — 4 WordCamps, 16+ WordPress Meetups, and Events, designed a Wapuu, and a website build/brand to give back. From Castaic north to Palmdale (northernmost Los Angeles County), east to Riverside and all ports of call in-between (Pasadena, Whittier, Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles) learn what makes good clubs while finding a network of common minds and colorful characters and gain inspiration to start the WordPress Santa Clarita Valley Meetup, over 8,000 Miles later.

    In this presentation, you’ll learn:

    What are the benefits of attending WordCamp?
    Why join a WordPress Slack Channel?
    Why volunteer to help at a WordCamp (experience being on both sides of the table)?
    What is a WordPress Meetup?
    What are the ‘five rules’ of hosting a WP Meetup?
    How to get started? From visiting your local WordPress Meetup to even starting your own.
    How to harness the energy from attending a WordCamp in your WP Meetups?
    What are the benefits of attending a WordPress Meetup?
    What is WordPress.tv?
    What are my favorite WordPress podcasts?
    Who are the faces of WordPress Community?
    Learning resources – Codex, videos and more.
    Why would I do something so crazy (deal with LA traffic)?
    My takeaways or goals (get better at WordPress, start a local Meetup, etc)

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  • Suvash Khadka: Line-up Community and Connectunity

    Suvash Khadka: Line-up Community and Connectunity

    WordCamp Kathmandu 2019Speaker: Suvash Khadka

    June 6, 2019 — Firstly, my topic will get to know about the aspects of the community. The real world story, especially in the context of Nepal that has been unheard or unexplored. Impact it has added. In the next verse, a presentation will showcase how community bonds and make the growth for a person who gets involved thereby showcasing a career perspective. Then the next verse will have action research along with the future prospect. Hence, I have taken a new word Connectivity (that has it contextual meaning) that actually meets the theme of WordCamps i.e. representing local and focusing the originality-true story that really engages people/community.

  • Leah Lockhart: Democratising Democracy: Lessons from Using WordPress for Civic Engagement

    Leah Lockhart: Democratising Democracy: Lessons from Using WordPress for Civic Engagement

    WordCamp Edinburgh 2017Speaker: Leah Lockhart

    March 28, 2019 — The WordPress community has core tenets that naturally mean some of its members want to create tools and platforms for civic good. With WordPress powering nearly 30% of the web, the potential its community has to impact democratic engagement is enormous.

    But how much do these members understand the dynamic between citizens and their public bodies in order to build things that are useful and used? How aware are they of the ways in which our institutions work and their cultures in order to be able to affect real change?

    I’d like to talk about my decade (and a bit!) working with government, local government, civil society and citizens in Scotland first as a digital engagement agitator and now as a digital engagement specialist.

    Using the headlines under WordPress’s philosophy, I want to share stories and give advice about approaching creating civic tech in a way that mirrors the language and ethos of the WordPress community.

    The hope is that I can give people some information that means they take a more considered approach to civic tech as opposed to thinking everything can be fixed with an app or a website.

  • Luna Carmona: How to build a community

    Luna Carmona: How to build a community

    WordCamp Brighton 2018Speaker: Luna Carmona

    February 12, 2019 — Working on the Third Sector, we have utilised WordPress as our platform to build the community. It is very important to keep a strong connection with our audience to establish a long-term relationship that can keep us growing and allow us to increase the support of our cause and activities. Because of that, I would love to share some of the tips and knowledge that I have gain during the journey, how to improve your blogging skills, how to make your platform more interactive and engaging and how to make your audience feel ownership of it.

    At the same time, I believe this is really useful for many people who navigate the online world as a business but with the intention of have a better impact, create content that builds that ‘community feeling’ and also make a social difference. As Social Responsibility becomes more and more an essential element of many companies, we need to improve the use of our online platforms and experiment new ways of activism even when your first intention might be to just increase your audience. No matter what your sector is, building your online community has an incredible effect on your organisation, for us It has been a complete game-changer.

  • Bruce Lunnis, Jonathan Bossenger: How Getting Involved with the Community Changed My Life
  • Thabo Tswana: Growing a Local WordPress Community

    Thabo Tswana: Growing a Local WordPress Community

    WordCamp Cape Town 2018Speaker: Thabo Tswana

    February 4, 2019 — In May 2016, Harare, Zimbabwe was selected to host a WordCamp Incubator. This led to the birth of a local WordPress community. Thabo will talk about what it took to get the WordPress community in Harare started, and what you can do to grow your community.

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  • Beaton Mabaso: A Website Means Community

    Beaton Mabaso: A Website Means Community

    WordCamp Harare 2018Speaker: Beaton Mabaso

    January 3, 2019 — Beaton talks about blogging and building online communities

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  • Kelly McCausey: Curating Content To Serve Your Community

    Kelly McCausey: Curating Content To Serve Your Community

    WordCamp US 2018Speaker: Kelly McCausey

    December 27, 2018 — Creating content to serve your target market takes up a significant amount of your or your team’s time. Content curation is a strategy that gives you lots of fresh ideas to share on your site without requiring a lot of writing. Curating thought leaders within your niche will both provide value to your community and initiate great industry relationships at the same time. It’s the most amazing win-win content activity that anyone can get started with in a few minutes time.