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  • Guga Alves: Como colaborar com a comunidade WordPress (e crescer com isso)

    Guga Alves: Como colaborar com a comunidade WordPress (e crescer com isso)

    WordCamp Floripa 2018Speaker: Guga Alves

    May 5, 2018 — Muitas pessoas falam que colaborar com a comunidade WordPress é algo que pode lhe ajudar a aprender mais, ter mais visibilidade como profissional e assim ajudar a crescer tanto pessoal como profissionalmente.. mas como posso fazer isso?
    Guga Alves, da Automattic, trás em sua palestra algumas experiências pessoais que o levaram a trabalhar na empresa de quem criou o WordPress e também se propõe a apresentar como a comunidade open source ajuda a desenvolver o WordPress e as várias formas que você pode se envolver e colaborar.
    Palestra baseada no talk de Job Thomas, Gareth Allison e Konstantin Obenland, todos da Automattic, no CMS Africa Summit 2016.

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  • Francesca Marano: La community italiana di WordPress nel 2017, tra team globale e esperienze locali

    Francesca Marano: La community italiana di WordPress nel 2017, tra team globale e esperienze locali

    WordCamp Rome 2017Speaker: Francesca Marano

    April 27, 2018 — In questo talk vedremo insieme – cosa si intende per Community WordPress – come è organizzato il progetto open source – come si può contribuire – cosa abbiamo già fatto in Italia – cosa c’è ancora da fare – come si può far parte di una community globale e allo stesso tempo creare una community locale unica e speciale nel proprio paese.

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  • Ibon Azkoitia: Conseguir trabajo a la comunidad WordPress

    Ibon Azkoitia: Conseguir trabajo a la comunidad WordPress

    WordCamp Gran Canaria 2018Speaker: Ibon Azkoitia

    April 22, 2018 — Hasta ahora siempre se han dado charlas sobre “Cómo colaborar en la comunidad de WordPress”, pero nunca se ha hablado de qué podemos sacar nosotros de esta colaboración.

    En este taller cuento mi vida, tal cual. Una vida de alguien que no tenía ni idea de qué estudiar ni qué hacer con su vida. Alguien que ha ido vagando día a día probando diferentes cosas pero sin un objetivo claro, hasta que encuentra la comunidad de WordPress. Me gustaría mostrar como cualquiera, y sí, cualquiera, puede encontrar aquello que le gusta y trabajo sin importar a qué se dedique.

    Contarles, con un poco de humor, cómo he pasado de fracasar en la uni, ser mecánico, trabajar por las noches en una fábrica, etc. a tener un trabajo propio o incluso trabajar en una empresa referente del mundo de WordPress.

  • Andrea Rennick: How to Change Lives with Wordpress, Including Your Own

    Andrea Rennick: How to Change Lives with WordPress, Including Your Own

    WordCamp Halifax 2017Speaker: Andrea Rennick

    February 9, 2018 — Follow my journey from being just a stay at home homeschooling mom of 4 to author, speaker, and working for one of the biggest premium theme shops in the WordPress marketplace, becoming a WordPress influencer along the way AND staying in the Maritimes.

  • Eric Tracz: Create Your Own Community Blog And Empower Your Users

    Eric Tracz: Create Your Own Community Blog And Empower Your Users

    WordCamp Kuala Lumpur 2017Speaker: Eric Tracz

    January 9, 2018 — Creating great content that’s interesting to people on your WordPress blog can prove challenging at times. Asking for your community members’ opinions is awesome, and people love to share.
    Let your community not only share their thoughts in comments, but also empower them to create value for your blog. New content means new traffic, new traffic means new visitors and returning ones – all that cumulates to great growth.
    Creating a community blog where you still control the content does not have downsides.

  • WordPress Community Interview with Josh Pollock

    WordPress Community Interview with Josh Pollock

    WordPress Community Interview SeriesSpeaker: Josh Pollock

    December 20, 2017 — I had a great time interviewing Josh. We have run across each other a few times since we first met at WCUS 2015.

    We talk about WCUS 2017 and his presentation which can be found at WordPress TV – https://wordpress.tv/2017/12/10/josh-pollock-five-attitudes-stopping-you-from-building-accessible-wordpress-websites/

    Josh has been spending time working with the Gutenberg Editor and creating plugins.

    We discuss the pros and cons of big WordCamps versus smaller WordCamps.

    He is a big proponent of the WordPress Community and always has time to help people.

    One thing that I neglected to tell Josh. This is the 70th interview that I have done since June of last year.

    Thanks Josh!

  • Sonja Leix: Designing for the Community

    Sonja Leix: Designing for the Community

    WordCamp US 2017Speaker: Sonja Leix

    December 10, 2017 — If there is passion for innovation, things get done. This is often true for the WordPress Open Source project and smaller projects within.

    The WCEU design team set a tall goal this year, beyond the usual design work for the event. We decided it was time to make creating and customizing a WordCamp site easy and intuitive, so we released a new WordCamp default theme for all. I’d like to share our goals, design consideration, and how we released the CampSite 2017 theme beta just before the event.

  • Chris Taylor: The Next Phase of Growth for WordPress

    Chris Taylor: The Next Phase of Growth for WordPress

    WordCamp US 2017Speaker: Chris Taylor

    December 10, 2017 — My talk will focus on how we as a community can work together to drive the next phase of growth for WordPress that goes beyond just relying heavily on the product itself and the breadth of the community. With other, proprietary, platforms gaining ground in the marketplace and spending large amounts to build their brands, it is increasingly important that we are able to compete in more conventional ways. I’ll cover the opportunities for WordPress growth, the potential role and efforts to-date of the Growth Council, and the efforts Automattic is making to grow our brands and WordPress as a whole.

    Specifically, I’ll share:
    – Data on the growth and marketing efforts of the competitive platforms.
    – Opportunities and challenges presented by those platforms.
    – Marketing and brand positioning of Automattic products.
    – Ways we, as a community, can work together to ensure strong growth in the future.

  • Francesca Marano: Standalone Contributor Days: help make WordPress with your Community!

    Francesca Marano: Standalone Contributor Days: help make WordPress with your Community!

    WordCamp US 2017Speaker: Francesca Marano

    December 10, 2017 — The Italian WordPress community was dormant for years, until a bunch of people got together at WCEU Contributor Day in Seville, in 2015, and decided it was time to revive it.

    After months of online chats in our Slack team, we organised an event that kick-started an avalanche of Meetups and WordCamps in Italy: a stand-alone Contributor Day.

    Two years later, Italy has more than 20 active Meetups, 4 cities with WordCamps in planning, and a great numbers of Contributors across the project.

    In this talk, I’ll go through the steps we took to organise it, and I will also talk about Contributor Nights, special Meetup events where we concentrate on one of the Make teams and learn how to contribute from scratch.

  • Meg Delagrange: I Started Telling the World I was Born Amish

    Meg Delagrange: I Started Telling the World I was Born Amish

    WordCamp US 2017Speaker: Meg Delagrange

    December 10, 2017 — I used to be really embarrassed of my story. I worked really hard to learn what “normal” looked like so I could act that way. I lived from the webpages of Urban Dictionary, hours of MTV’s reality shows and TLC’s “What NOT to Wear”. I obsessed about what I said to people but I never really mastered the ability of stopping myself from blurting out strange things. I obsessed over whether I was invited to things. I was desperate to fit in.

    This desperation to be “normal” and fit in is something that I kept trying to do in every area of my life.

    When I began interning as a UX designer for an agency, I obsessed over whether my designs were cool or fit in with the right trends. When I got involved with marketing, I signed up for course after course to figure out how to market the right way. I spent my life copying other people’s methods.

    Then I got to know people in the WordPress Community. I noticed how unique each person was and I noticed how these differences were celebrated. I felt at home, even though no one else acted like me. I started following a lady called “Bridget Willard”. She claimed anyone could be a guru. She fascinated me. She helped me learn to embrace my own story.

    I quit caring about what was “normal” or what I was doing “right” and I started being myself. I stopped being ashamed that I was born Amish or that I’m a single mom. This didn’t mean I started sharing EVERYTHING from my life, but I did make it a point to do everything from my heart. I asked myself how I felt about things. I started trusting my own gut.

    Today I’m building a brand with my cousin and friend, Urban Southern. We’re weaving our story into this brand. We were both born Amish and we have both struggled to embrace our heritage but now we do. We focus on sharing real life moments. We make our own videos for our ads with our iPhones. We post fun stories on Instagram every Friday to share about our process and favorite memories from our childhood. People are loving it! The results are pretty cool so far. Within four months of launching our revised brand, we were invited to New York Fashion Week in the Spring of 2017. We are currently collaborating with Vintage Vogue in Paris.

    Before my cousin and I started working together, she was presenting the brand as a very generic leather goods brand. We went from selling a total of 45 leather items in a year and a half, to now selling more than 45 leather bags in our slowest month since we’ve begun to work together and getting personal with our brand.

    I’m personally much happier and I’ve had cool opportunities for my art career as well. I painted live for an event with the City of Denver this Spring and shared my story publicly. Now I’m headed to Uganda this month to paint murals in a school.

    It doesn’t matter who you are, you have a unique story to tell or a unique way of solving problems. What you already have inside of you and in your life experience is exactly what you need to do what you want to do in the world. Use it.