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  • Leah Lockhart: Democratising Democracy: Lessons from Using WordPress for Civic Engagement

    Leah Lockhart: Democratising Democracy: Lessons from Using WordPress for Civic Engagement

    WordCamp Edinburgh 2017Speaker: Leah Lockhart

    March 28, 2019 — The WordPress community has core tenets that naturally mean some of its members want to create tools and platforms for civic good. With WordPress powering nearly 30% of the web, the potential its community has to impact democratic engagement is enormous.

    But how much do these members understand the dynamic between citizens and their public bodies in order to build things that are useful and used? How aware are they of the ways in which our institutions work and their cultures in order to be able to affect real change?

    I’d like to talk about my decade (and a bit!) working with government, local government, civil society and citizens in Scotland first as a digital engagement agitator and now as a digital engagement specialist.

    Using the headlines under WordPress’s philosophy, I want to share stories and give advice about approaching creating civic tech in a way that mirrors the language and ethos of the WordPress community.

    The hope is that I can give people some information that means they take a more considered approach to civic tech as opposed to thinking everything can be fixed with an app or a website.

  • Luna Carmona: How to build a community

    Luna Carmona: How to build a community

    WordCamp Brighton 2018Speaker: Luna Carmona

    February 12, 2019 — Working on the Third Sector, we have utilised WordPress as our platform to build the community. It is very important to keep a strong connection with our audience to establish a long-term relationship that can keep us growing and allow us to increase the support of our cause and activities. Because of that, I would love to share some of the tips and knowledge that I have gain during the journey, how to improve your blogging skills, how to make your platform more interactive and engaging and how to make your audience feel ownership of it.

    At the same time, I believe this is really useful for many people who navigate the online world as a business but with the intention of have a better impact, create content that builds that ‘community feeling’ and also make a social difference. As Social Responsibility becomes more and more an essential element of many companies, we need to improve the use of our online platforms and experiment new ways of activism even when your first intention might be to just increase your audience. No matter what your sector is, building your online community has an incredible effect on your organisation, for us It has been a complete game-changer.

  • Bruce Lunnis, Jonathan Bossenger: How Getting Involved with the Community Changed My Life
  • Thabo Tswana: Growing a Local WordPress Community

    Thabo Tswana: Growing a Local WordPress Community

    WordCamp Cape Town 2018Speaker: Thabo Tswana

    February 4, 2019 — In May 2016, Harare, Zimbabwe was selected to host a WordCamp Incubator. This led to the birth of a local WordPress community. Thabo will talk about what it took to get the WordPress community in Harare started, and what you can do to grow your community.

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  • Beaton Mabaso: A Website Means Community

    Beaton Mabaso: A Website Means Community

    WordCamp Harare 2018Speaker: Beaton Mabaso

    January 3, 2019 — Beaton talks about blogging and building online communities

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  • Kelly McCausey: Curating Content To Serve Your Community

    Kelly McCausey: Curating Content To Serve Your Community

    WordCamp US 2018Speaker: Kelly McCausey

    December 27, 2018 — Creating content to serve your target market takes up a significant amount of your or your team’s time. Content curation is a strategy that gives you lots of fresh ideas to share on your site without requiring a lot of writing. Curating thought leaders within your niche will both provide value to your community and initiate great industry relationships at the same time. It’s the most amazing win-win content activity that anyone can get started with in a few minutes time.

  • Miriam Goldman: The Importance of Community and Getting Involved

    Miriam Goldman: The Importance of Community and Getting Involved

    WordCamp Montreal 2018Speaker: Miriam Goldman

    December 14, 2018 — In the technology world, often soft skills and outreach are forgotten. But they can be an important asset to whatever role you may have (developer, designer, marketer, blogger). I will discuss my own journey from just being a developer, to being a leader in my local WordPress community – and my journey to speaking at WordCamps across North America.

  • Utsav Singh Rathour: Giving Back To The Community

    Utsav Singh Rathour: Giving Back To The Community

    WordCamp Pokhara 2018Speaker: Utsav Singh Rathour

    December 13, 2018 — There are a lot of people, who make a living out of WordPress, but not all understand well enough the concept of giving back to the community, especially in the Open Source community. I will be discussing how you can give back to the WordPress community to make it more awesome and how that positively adds to your career and growth. There are more than just a couple ways of giving back and everyone can help it become better one way or other and that is what I will be discussing.

  • Raúl Antón Cuadrado: Ce que j'ai appris à la Communauté WP et comment l'appliquer pour enseigner à l'université

    Raúl Antón Cuadrado: Ce que j’ai appris à la Communauté WP et comment l’appliquer pour enseigner à l’université

    WordCamp Nice 2018Speaker: Raúl Antón Cuadrado

    December 10, 2018 — Ce que j’ai appris en travaillant en remote grâce à WordPress et sa communauté et comment l’a t’on appliqué pour enseigner à l’université
    Ça c’est une histoire d’amour. Il s’agit de comment je suis tombé amoureux du travail en remote et la communauté WordPress tandis que je faisais de la recherche pour trouver des meilleures façons pour véhiculer l’apprentissage à travers l’Internet. J’ai du tout simplement cloner à l’université la structure de communication et apprentissage. Peux-tu imaginer quand tu étais étudiant d’avoir fait partie d’une communauté d’apprentissage enthousiaste qu’on trouve sur des forums, blogs, et slack au lieu de… bon… de ce que nous avons eu ? Le schéma de la communauté WordPress a été appliqué la première fois en Éducation Formel (UNED) en 2015-16 dans un programme de master et doctorat adressé aux professeurs. On a créé une structure de discussion horizontal sur Slack et Forums/logs dans lequel le prof et les étudiants on appris de la même façon que les intégrants de la communauté WordPress le fait. Les résultats ont été depuis cette première fois extraordinaires. 97% des élèves ont assuré qu’ils voulaient répéter le schéma en tant que professeurs parmi des autres résultats également prometteurs.

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  • Adam Walker: Community Impact – 48 websites for 48 nonprofits in 48 hours

    Adam Walker: Community Impact – 48 websites for 48 nonprofits in 48 hours

    WordCamp London 2018Speaker: Adam Walker

    December 7, 2018 — This session will explore what we learned during the creation, planning and execution of the events and give some thoughts on how the WordPress community can give back using their professional skills.