Jeremy Clarke: Intro to WordPress Theming

8 responses on “Jeremy Clarke: Intro to WordPress Theming

  1. Jim Arber

    Dudes – This is NOT in intro class. I have no idea what this Jeremy is talking about. Well, at least a very hazy idea. Intro classes should not only show you what is possible but the actual HOW to do it. Jeremy explains what is very well but no mention of how it is done.


  2. joelneuenhaus

    This is great even for the semi-experienced wordpress developer…the “Avoiding Theme Edits” bit is a terrific reminder to keep your static template code to a minimum and use widgets, filters and actions whenever possible.

    I admit this is common sense, but my guess is that it is not common practice.


  3. George Krio

    Excellent presentation, although certainly above beginner level. I especially appreciated the point about using sidebars is info blocks (my term) in pages. Great idea. Never really really understood functions.php either. Now I see I am missing out on a very powerful piece of WP architecture. Thanks Jeremy. Thanks for planning this out so well to. Very good lecture.


  4. almostdaniel

    I think intro classes should talk about what something is (structure) and what it can be used for (functionality). Anything more is beyond an intro, so good job Jeremy. This is an excellent intro that gives you the foundation for actually getting into the nitty gritty tech stuff.


  5. kang badot

    I like this presentation, it’s easy to understanding. Helpfull…thanks


  6. Michael Russell - @planetrussell

    Great preso on WP theme issues. As others have noted, not really beginner stuff. Personally, found it valuable in gaining understanding of how to communicate to clients, others that WP isn’t just a bunch of static HTML pages. Rather, PHP + CSS coding, mySQL admin, loop functionality, other goodness.


  7. Jeremy Clarke

    Hey guys, thanks for the nice comments.

    To Jim I’ll admit that my promise of noob-friendliness was a bit of a lie, I wanted to trick people into learning more than they expected, which is the way most good WP developers seem to come about 😉


  8. Clay

    This was excellent, thanks jeremy!


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July 12, 2009

Jeremy Clarke talks to users at WordCamp Montreal who know how to blog but have not yet figured out how to control the way their blog works at the theme level. He explains how the files in your theme folder work to define different kinds of content and how to identify WordPress “template tags” and move them around in your theme.

Slides for this presentation are available here.

Video production by Arthur Cormon of TV McGill.

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