The Text Widget for WordPress

9 responses on “The Text Widget for WordPress

  1. Dale

    Now I have a text Widget. How do I get back to the input screen so I can edit it – add things and make changes?


  2. bill

    how do you change hte test size in the widget. I want one smaller, but it doesn’t seem to take the tag.


  3. Edgar

    Whenever I put in some HTML, or a script, the Text widget “edits” the code when I click Save. Even if I use the tags, it still does this. How do you turn that off, or work around it?


  4. Nicutza @ Creier Cretz

    and where do I find this text widget?
    I was searching for about an hour on the widgets menu and I didn’t find it!


    • Michael Pick

      If you head to the Appearance > Widgets menu, you should see the Text widget appear in the left column. It’ll be situated towards the end, as they’re arranged alphabetically. You’ll then want to drag it over to the right side column (click-hold and drag) where you can make your edits and changes. You may find our related video on adding a widget to your sidebar useful for this part.


  5. Nicutza @ Creier Cretz

    Thank you a lot!


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August 3, 2009

The Text widget lets you insert text or HTML code into the sidebar of your blog. Learn more about it at the support page, or check out W3Schools excellent HTML tutorials to get your started.

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