VideoPress Basics For Getting Up & Running

13 responses on “VideoPress Basics For Getting Up & Running

  1. agus

    here I get all the needs associated with the blog, thank’s for everything


  2. designer922

    Can I transfer my blogger site into word press?


  3. Free Wordpress Themes

    thanks for the video. will try on my blog.


  4. rosie

    Thanks for and this video feature. Keep up the great work


  5. ileaneb

    Hi Ryan,
    Thanks for the video. How does the quality of Video Press compare to using Vimeo?


  6. thevideoanalyst

    If I turn off the Display Embeded code my video disappears on my self-hosted site.

    Is this normal? I am creating a membrship site and don’t want people takingthe video and sharing it.


  7. kontopoulos

    I thought that wordpress was free , and now i see that you ask for money.


  8. Matt

    Thanks for presenting VideoPress here on WordPress.TV! I consider to install it when my new WordPress site goes online.

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  9. thewhitneyvault

    Maybe someone can help. I’m useing Vidoepress for almost a year and never had problems. However now, when I upload videos they won’t stop precessing… can anyone tell me why?


  10. utkarsh

    is it possible to prohibit the viewers from downloading the video?


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August 5, 2009

VideoPress brings you high definition, embeddable video to your blog and beyond. In this short tutorial we look at the process of getting it installed, and publishing a video with it. For an overview of the VideoPress feature-set, check out our introductory video or the dedicated support page. For information on getting set up with a self-installed version of WordPress, check out our tutorial on just that.

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