Donald DeSantis: Create Your Own WordPress Theme

12 responses on “Donald DeSantis: Create Your Own WordPress Theme

  1. Ed Kingston

    Very well done and informative. Thanks for the video.


  2. mrynelson

    I will watch this again tomorrow maybe it will sink in then.


  3. dean dyer

    hey Donald,

    thank you thank you, Wow, this is just what I’ve been looking for to make my site into a word press formate.
    very good.

    I’ll see all of your stuff.



  4. Mark McLaren

    Hey Donald,
    You did an excellent job pulling this together. Do you have additional resources online?


  5. Donald

    Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you found this useful.

    Beyond the additonal resources mentioned in the talk, I would suggest brushing up on some basic CSS. If you use the starter theme I built, you’ll be able to get a lot of mileage out of very basic CSS. Practice using CSS selectors (google the term if unfamiliar); CSS font attributes; and CSS background attributes. W3schools has good content here. Smashing magazine probably also has some good links – but don’t get sucked into a tutorial vortex.

    I’ve been thinking of putting together a free HTML/css class through TeachStreet. I could add in a WordPress twist… Would there be any interest in something like this?


  6. designtech44

    yes Donald,
    I’ve been on this path for a few and I’m glad to discover you. w3schools is amazing I’ll say, just as some others that I’m on, but I like “don’t get sucked int a tutorial vortex” the most.

    I would be interested in you free teachstreet Html/css class.

    Have you seen , It’s a free , very useful seo mag.



  7. Ed

    You are right Donald. A little knowledge of CSS goes a long way in designing and improving your website.


  8. Ed

    Second that comment on w3schools. Really good site to learn a lot.


  9. Ryan Teribery

    This is great! I guess its now time to brush up on my adobe skills… There are so many great themes (basic to advance) for WP. But I still have not found one that meets my EXACT needs.

    Now it’s time to try it on my own.

    5 minutes well worth my/your time.



  10. designtech44

    so donald,
    I just can’t seem to get the install of wordpress, … could you walk me through?


  11. Ed

    designtech 44 what install can you not find or get?


  12. karen

    I love your idea for the css turorial geared towards wordpress!


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September 26, 2009

Donald DeSantis teaches starting with a bare-bones WordPress theme and building it into something more in this five minute presentation.

The demo site from the presentation is available here.

Video production by Joe Christensen of Blaze Streaming Media.

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