Pods CMS: Basics

13 responses on “Pods CMS: Basics

  1. Jeffro

    Good video Matt. Just wondering though, if this is the basics and you used all that PHP in this video alone, is that standard practice in the use of this plugin? I don’t know PHP from ABC so I’m wondering if I would grasp the concepts and flexibility that PODS provides.


  2. kgraeme

    This isn’t so much a CMS as it is a wordpress application framework plugin. Impressive tool for developers but not for content managers.


  3. Matt

    @Jeffro – Pods does require a modest amount of PHP knowledge, even when just getting started with Pods. The goal is for the developers to set up the content types and page structures, then pass it to clients to create and manage content from the content types you’ve created.

    @kgraeme – Pods comes with full support for managing content within your new content types. It is a framework in the sense that it’s a “blank slate” for you to build from, but a CMS in that you can easily add content and manage the content you already have.


  4. homologacioneslatinmedica

    congratulations for your creations. it’ll be usefull for all . it’s fine
    so i am amateur webmaster, and by this pods cms app where i have found the solution for a couple projects of mine.
    how you have notice , i still using the CMS plattform by wordpress.com,
    i want to begin a new blog or website using wordpress, how could i use
    PODS CMS ON IT, I NEED TO PAY or something like that? you offer any options for paid upgrades for enhanced functionality to wordpress.com.
    thanks a lot


  5. Tony Chung

    Matt: Abso-freakin-awesome… I can’t wait to use this plugin.


  6. steve

    Great video, very helpful for a quick first-run with pods. Thanks for putting that together.


  7. Andrew Davies

    Superb video – such a good run through of what pods can do. Thank you.


  8. design_dolphin

    Excellent video. Thank you for this. Really impressed by the features of Pods.


  9. Pablo Almeida

    Simply amazing!

    This plugin is better than original WordPress 3.0 custom-types! Congratulations for the Pods team! πŸ˜‰


  10. john

    Great great plugin – I believe this will change the world of WordPress. I have beening looking for this for a while and finally found it here. I will leave a feedback in the WordPress plugin directory after trying it – I’m sure it will be a five star πŸ™‚


  11. Erwin Heiser

    Approaches an ExpressionEngine light for WP. Very impressive and pretty amazing this isn’t included in WP as a default.


  12. mybers

    This plugin seems nice but for web agencies who are already familiar or adept to customizing a template would just make this plugin irrelevant for their clients. Clients or the end users would just like to see how the site looks after the design and use it instantly, in our experience its rare a client would know how to type in Classes or php scripts, this may become difficult on their part rather than just hiring a designer.

    We normally crack the whole template and design a client’s site within a day only without compromising the looks/layout of the site.

    Just balancing…but this plugins works well for some developers.


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October 30, 2009

This demonstration covers some of the basic capabilities of the Pods CMS plugin for WordPress. This lesson covers creating a new content type, adding items to it, and then displaying those items on the site via Pod Pages.

You can download the plugin from the WordPress.org directory here, and the official plugin web site is located here.

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