Liz Strauss: Meeting Your Audience Where They Are

5 responses on “Liz Strauss: Meeting Your Audience Where They Are

  1. Jori

    That was great Liz. Specially about fixing your own shoes. Inspiring.


  2. Patrick Andriessen

    Watching it for the second time was even better. Great talk and Very inspiring.


  3. Bob Kleuters

    Wow! Indeed very very very inspiring.
    Thank you so much Liz.


  4. ttpcampaign

    WOW… That was phenomenal! I really enjoyed it! Thank you very much Liz for imparting such invaluable information to the masses, it was greatly appreciated.


  5. adele

    Found with on search on ‘community building tv’.
    I will forward to marketing team of local community access station…as much of the insights are transferable as well as some local producers.

    A second time a listen is good idea; to cultivate the sharing.


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October 31, 2009

Liz Strauss on how your identity influences your blogging, how and why to effectively network, and building your personal brand.

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