Matt Mullenweg: 2010 Dublin Web Summit

15 responses on “Matt Mullenweg: 2010 Dublin Web Summit

  1. Banago

    Video is broken at min 1:50.


  2. alan

    WOOW! 10.000 pictures! Interesting story.


  3. aindreas

    cool presentation, luv the threads too lol


  4. tutorial wordpress pilihan

    A great presentation from Mr. Matt Mullenweng. Hopefully wordpress increasingly prevail in this year.


  5. Aceh TV

    Thanks. A very good presentation. I’ve put this video on my blog.


  6. jeshua

    Wow. Love it. Great presentation, Matt. I set and customized up a website installation for the city of Albert Lea, MN last year and we’ve had several cities contact us for more information about how to do the same for their city. Right now cities have no budgets for websites, so applications like WordPress are a godsend.


  7. Rev. Gordon

    I really like and respect what Matt says around 17:20 to 18:30, especially about the universal truth behind open source. Jah bless WP & OS! Can’t wait for 3.0!


  8. Remain.Simple

    WordPress is fantastic!


  9. Nurse

    Fantastic presentation Matt! You said photography is your passion and I think that is why WordPress is so beautiful and attractive. I have tried using WordPress 3.0 beta which is still in development phase and I must say you are an Artist I loved Twenty Ten 0.7 theme. God bless you and all WordPress team.


  10. Delwin Holeman

    Great to finally see the Matt speak and learn more about the history of WordPress. I’m starting to use it exclusively on almost all websites I build, and am amazed at the functionality. And even more amazed that it’s free to download and install. It has transformed the way I build websites. Thanks to all the WP developers, and especially to Matt.


  11. WiganWebs

    WordPress is one of the best things that have happened to me. I mean, yes I learned hard coding but WordPress is so flexible that you can do pretty much anything with it.



  12. Shawn

    WordPress is amazing, hands down the best platform on the internet. I couldn’t think about having it any other way! Tell me one thing that wordpress can’t do!


  13. Diseño Web Vzert

    It is a very interesting and there’s the reason why WordPress is so indispensable. Excellent work .. thanks


  14. fruitcy

    I now use WordPress for almost all of my websites for clients, it offers great features and in my opinion is by far the best CMS out there..


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February 17, 2010

WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg presented to a jam-packed audience of 400 plus webites at the 2010 Dublin Web Summit, hosted by Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

Matt shares his insights, experiences and passion for starting WordPress, coding, and building a global open source community.

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