‘Open source’ Videos

  • Ulrich Pogson: Realities of Contributing to Open Source

    Ulrich Pogson: Realities of Contributing to Open Source

    WordCamp Belfast 2018Speaker: Ulrich Pogson

    April 24, 2019 — Lightning Talk
    The good, bad and the ugly of contributing to open source.

    Ulrich has been contributing to open source for the last 6 years in different ways, from support to documentation to bug fixes, and organising events.

    He will talk about how this has helped him but also about the challenges involved to contributing to open source.

  • Luminus Olumide Alabi: The Power of Open Source. How WordPress Saved My Life!

    Luminus Olumide Alabi: The Power of Open Source. How WordPress Saved My Life!

    WordCamp Belfast 2018Speaker: Luminus Olumide Alabi

    April 17, 2019 — Open Source is an incredibly powerful concept that can be seen at the heart of progress and advancement in many spheres of life. The idea that people from every corner of the globe can come together to exchange ideas and build products that profoundly affect our lives is as crazy as it is exciting.

    I’m fascinated by the fact that people who have never met can come together to form a community that produces software and/or hardware products like CMSs, cars, building equipment, AI appliances and apparel that help to enable whole swaths of people with limited financial, physical or other resources make meaningful contributions and improve their quality of life.

    I talk briefly about the concept of Open source and specifically about how WordPress has played a significant part in taking this Nigerian university dropout around the world and exposing him to a community of the most incredible human beings at the forefront of democratising publishing and why Open Source should be near and dear to your heart.

  • Joost de Valk and Marieke van de Rakt: Thrive for the future - the business of open source

    Joost de Valk and Marieke van de Rakt: Thrive for the future – the business of open source

    WordCamp US 2018Speakers: Joost de Valk, Marieke van de Rakt

    January 2, 2019 — For an open source community to thrive, it’s important that valid business models surround it. In this talk Marieke and I will discuss why a business model around open source projects is so important. The money that funds further development, but also funds conferences, marketing and education, has to be made somehow. We will cover the several large open source communities that exist today and discuss how successful the business models around them are.

    But it’s not all about making money: it’s about giving back too. If every company in an open source community gives back, that community becomes unstoppable. The idea of five for the future is built on that. Other communities have similar ideas, and reward them in other ways, which we’ll discuss. We’ll also show why at Yoast, we think 5% is not enough.

  • Drew Gorton: Stamping Your Open Source Passport

    Drew Gorton: Stamping Your Open Source Passport

    WordCamp US 2018Speaker: Drew Gorton

    December 31, 2018 — Visiting a foreign open source community is kind of like traveling to a foreign country! It may be difficult if you don’t speak the language or share the same culture, but you’re guaranteed to return home with a new perspective and interesting experiences.

    It’s easy to get comfortable and stay in your own community bubble. Breaking outside of that allows you to see how others solve problems and tackle new opportunities. And, it turns out that other open source communities are generally welcoming and interested in your perspective as well!

    We’ll share high-level overviews of popular open source projects to help you plan your itinerary. Attendees will leave with knowledge about what’s out there, recommendations on how to prepare, and confidence to your own start journey.

  • Mike Demo: Two Sides of the Same Coin

    Mike Demo: Two Sides of the Same Coin

    WordCamp Jacksonville 2018Speaker: Mike Demo

    July 30, 2018 — WordPress is better!
    Drupal is better!
    Joomla! is better!

    Sound familiar? The open source community has the habit only to look inside ourselves and never look what else might be going on in the other communities or projects. As someone who currently serves on leadership for Joomla and also the evangelist of BoldGrid has seen the best of multiple open source communities. I have seen patterns emerge across our communities.

    This talk will explore my experience being married to open source. I will also explore the ways the communities support each other through initiatives such as CMS Garden (An initiative to promote all major open source CMS projects). I will also share the top things I learned about myself and the combined future of an open source web.

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  • David Needham: Intro to Drupal (for WP folks)
  • Paolo Belcastro: World of WordPress

    Paolo Belcastro: World of WordPress

    WordCamp Europe 2018Speaker: Paolo Belcastro

    July 5, 2018 — Leading a cross-functional group of skilled individuals from all around the world, in front of their computers, hands on the keyboard, a headset on, solving together complex problems in a limited timeframe.

    This description covers my activities for the past ten years, from online gaming to the WordPress community, to my work at Automattic.

    Technology has blurred the lines between playing, working, and contributing to an open source project, I will use my experience leading a distributed team to show you how to professionally grow while having fun, and giving back to the community that changed your life.

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  • Riccardo Magliocchetti: Il software Open Source non si scrive da solo

    Riccardo Magliocchetti: Il software Open Source non si scrive da solo

    WordCamp Torino 2018Speaker: Riccardo Magliocchetti

    June 1, 2018 — Il software Open Source è sulla bocca di tutti, sui server di molti e costituisce spesso la base del nostro business. Grande! E se un giorno non ce ne fosse più? Cosa possiamo fare per costruire i nostri progetti su fondamenta robuste e non su sabbia?

  • Álvaro Gómez Velasco: Mejora tus formularios. Entendiendo y extendiendo Contact Form 7

    Álvaro Gómez Velasco: Mejora tus formularios. Entendiendo y extendiendo Contact Form 7

    WordCamp Gran Canaria 2018Speaker: Álvaro Gómez Velasco

    April 22, 2018 — Una charla para todos los públicos orientada a explicar las posibilidades del celebérrimo plugin de formularios Contact Form 7: historia, configuración óptima, funcionalidades ocultas, buenas prácticas y plugins/scripts para personalizarlo y extenderlo.

  • Ulrich Pogson: Realities of contributing to open source

    Ulrich Pogson: Realities of contributing to open source

    WordCamp Bangkok 2018Speaker: Ulrich Pogson

    April 12, 2018 — I was about 20 when I started to contribute. I only quickly touched on what my motivation was. It is important to know what your motivation is to contribute. You do not get any financial gain from contributing.

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