Maryrose Lyons: Writing for Blogs

5 responses on “Maryrose Lyons: Writing for Blogs

  1. Maryrose Lyons

    “easily cognisized” that’s a real word I swear! And ‘blobby bullets’ I’m sure has made it to the Oxford English Dictionary!!


  2. Stewart Curry

    Great presentation and awesome t-shirt!


  3. Pentti Harinen

    This is a very nice video. Thank you.


  4. Lorraine Arams

    Thank you! Great points I would never have thought about very much but I can see how important they are – so many people online tell people to write, write, write but few say how, how, how! Could not hear some of things you said very clearly especially about the passive voice – there was so much background noise as though there was a cafeteria next to you – is there anywhere I can read what you meant by passive voice?


  5. John Biddle

    Very good presentation. I enjoyed it. And I learned a lot about tags. Thanks.


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March 6, 2010

Maryrose Lyons discusses tactics used in writing for online audiences and how to tailor your writing style to capture the best attention possible.

This video begins while the session is in-progress.

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