Morten Rand-Hendriksen – Rapid WordPress Design with Expression Web 3

6 responses on “Morten Rand-Hendriksen – Rapid WordPress Design with Expression Web 3

  1. Robert D.

    Hi Morten, great presentation! I’ve never used MS Expression Web 3, but it looks like you have a nice little workflow there that works for you. I definitely agree that using Microsoft’s web platform installer app makes short work of setting up a local WordPress install on your machine. I come from a design background as well and am a PC user.

    Have you checked out the Firebug extension (for Firefox)? I find it crucial for building sites.


  2. Morten Rand-Hendriksen

    @Robert D: Yes, I use both the Web Developer Tools and Firebug in Firefox all the time for quick troubleshooting. But when it comes to actual theme work and design I find the Expression Web workflow to be supperior to any other. I’ve tried Dreamweaver and other solutions but they just don’t have that same at-your-fingertips functionality. You should try it – Expression Web 3 has a full featured free trial of 60 days I believe.


  3. MIndart

    Hi Morten. Very good presentation and very lively.
    Really very good staff, a very dynamic presentation, congratulations.


  4. Brett Bumeter

    Great presentation, motivated me to give the Web Platform Installer a try again (been a few years). 🙂

    Unfortunately, setting up a local site with Web Platform Installer 2 fails every single time no matter if I try to install wordpress or any other program in the list. lol

    worse when I click the button to get help, instead of sending me to a Microsoft page with answers (yeah that’s almost an oxymoron and I use PC’s too!) instead it sends me to a WordPress page that doesn’t have any information on Web Platform Installer problems, no surprise I guess. 🙂

    Guess, I just have to keep working test sites on actual servers via the internet . . .


  5. Alex

    Never tried it, but looks good, will give it a try.


  6. Steve Powell

    I was able to use the web platform installer on win 7 to get WordPress running on a local host, but it wasn’t quite easy. It installed MySQL but couldn’t install WordPress right away. The problem had to do with the root password for MySQL, which I guess happened because I put passwords into the screens that came up for they MySQL install. Despite my taking screen shots as I went along and therefore absolutely remembering the passwords, somehow MySQL wouldn’t let me log in. Tried resetting the root password in MySQL using info from their help pages, but that wouldn’t work. But the info here did.

    Once I got MySQL to let me log in, I ran the web platform installer again to install WordPress, and it worked.


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March 15, 2010

Take a look behind the curtain of WordPress and its theme engine, and get a step-by-step road map of how to use Expression Web 3 with WordPress to take a boring standard blog theme and make into a functional CMS site design in this talk by Morten Rand-Hendriksen.

Video courtesy Microsoft and MIX10.

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