Daniel Cook: Why We Turned Microsoft Office into a Game

One response on “Daniel Cook: Why We Turned Microsoft Office into a Game

  1. Diane Gilson

    I teach people QuickBooks (accounting). It’s similar to MS Office in that the software is powerful, flexible, and everyone wants to use it in different ways. That’s what makes training and consulting so enjoyable – the challenge and the problem solving.

    But the power, choices and flexibility is also what makes it really challenging to users. They get scared away by the complexity, and yet that complexity has developed over the years due to user demands for more features to meet their specific needs.

    So your ideas are totally stimulating! You’ve gotten my brain rolling about how to use these concepts to help people find ways to actually have FUN learning accounting, software, and problem-solving. Thank you for applying gaming theory to everyday business life – three cheers!


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May 1, 2010

Daniel Cook explains using game mechanics to teach users how to learn features and controls in applications. What the Office Labs team did can provide inspiration for engaging users with your new product or website.

Video provided by Blaze Streaming Media.

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