Vanessa Fox: WordPress, Audience Engagement, and SEO

3 responses on “Vanessa Fox: WordPress, Audience Engagement, and SEO

  1. Cynthia

    Nice speech, but would be far more effective as a presentation if you could see the slides. The most you ever really see is the lower right corner, and it leaves you guessing as to what she’s really talking about.


  2. sduford

    Good presentation but poor video production, they keep following here and never show the slides, so we have no idea what she’s showing and pointing to.


  3. Joe Christensen

    The VGA input that allows us to capture the slides was accidentally turned off when the presenter plugged in their laptop. My apologies. It rarely happens, but sometimes an error makes it into production.


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May 1, 2010

Vanessa Fox presents on the prevalence of search engines as the basis of web browsing, the importance of drawing traffic to your site, and methods for building an audience.

Video provided by Blaze Streaming Media.

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