Panel Discussion: How to Create a Healthy Blog Community

5 responses on “Panel Discussion: How to Create a Healthy Blog Community

  1. healthandfoodforum

    This has raised my awareness that I should have some type of written policy of use and/or rules for comments by visitors. It has also confirmed my own feeling that I do not have to keep comments that I feel do not contribute to the topic of discussion or that do not benefit my readers or serve the community. Thank you.


  2. Birdee

    Thanks. Wish you could have condensed this video.

    I need a lot more info of Blogging.

    I haven’t found my ideal theme for my blog. I am more a commentator, critic, explorer. How do I invite healthy debates? How do I create a followering/community and get MORE readers?


  3. Toni

    The panel discusses that a way to build your blog community is to comment on blogs that are similar to your own, but that you shouldn’t include a link to your blog. So how exactly do people get to know your blog from the comments you post then?? Thanks.


  4. Zanil Hyder

    It is interesting to find a video on comments and how to steamline them to make the blog better.

    I like Dave Taylor’s statement ‘I own the comment’ and indeed its something worth practicing. I hold the opinion that comments should be done only when you have something meaningful, and not just comment for the sake of it or to get attention.

    So I would use the above and in cases where it is better to lay the rules I would display ‘Thanks but my rules on comments’

    I would like to bring it to the readers’ knowledge that the spam comments also eat away a share of your page rank as a fraction to the number of links on your blog.


  5. Jorge Cisneros

    For Birdee:

    One of the best books on blogging that I’ve read is ProBlogger, this guys have their homework. You should be able to get the book almost anywhere.
    I also suggest to subscribe on their blog. They send good information on a daily basis. Hope it helps


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July 10, 2010

From writing style to comment moderation strategies, guest blogging to advertising, it’s a lot harder to create a popular blog than to learn about the nuts and bolts of coding, style and SEO. Dave Taylor, Doyle Albee, Aimee Giese, and Holly Hamann share their experience and knowledge to help you in this panel session.

Video provided by Blaze Streaming Media.

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