Chris Scott and Sean O’Shaughnessy: Caching in WordPress

2 responses on “Chris Scott and Sean O’Shaughnessy: Caching in WordPress

  1. Diego

    Cool video, really useful information.

    Please, get that guy some cough drops!


  2. Daniel Collis-Puro

    Huh. I don’t know why you’d throw nginx in front of varnish. nginx can handle output caching (with multiple backends – memcached, files, etc) just fine.

    Here’s the plugin I wrote to use nginx as a frontend cache, along with our experience using it on


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July 10, 2010

You want your WordPress site to be fast, use less server resources, and be able to handle increases in traffic. WordPress’ output and object caching are there to help everyone realize these goals. This talk from Chris Scott and Sean O’Shaughnessy cover the differences and interactions between these two types of caching, benchmarks of common caching plugins, and tips for ensuring your themes and plugins are taking advantage of caching.

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