Sheri Bigelow: How to Support WordPress

2 responses on “Sheri Bigelow: How to Support WordPress

  1. Mark McLaren

    This is a great presentation – a general overview of challenges faced by support.

    Question for Sheri: When we talked at WordCamp, you mentioned the idea of allowing support techs to change or improve help request titles written by users seeking a solution to their problem. I found this very promising. Part of my presentation on WordPress SEO talks about the difficulties associated with help request titles that are too vague or fail to describe a problem accurately. This becomes an issue for human users who are searching through help forums trying to find an answer, and it’s also an issue for search engines because they can’t do a good job of indexing those requests.


  2. pemuda26

    I think so great that presentation, thank’s for your information.


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September 18, 2010


WordCamp Portland 2010 24


Sheri Bigelow 6


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