Sujan Patel: SEO for WordPress in 2011

4 responses on “Sujan Patel: SEO for WordPress in 2011

  1. colbert

    Thanks for the great video. I learned some new stuff today.


  2. P. A. Suttle

    Thank you for your presentation. I was wondering about tags (and SEO in general). If I understood you correctly, I’ll forget about establishing a tag cloud, which is cute, and keep doing what I do– writing with high quality.

    Q How do I find out how to measure the traffic on my blog?


  3. KJax

    You should have Google Analytics on your site, which will give you a good sense of traffic. However, I’ve found that Analytics doesn’t update data throughout the day or will oftentimes not keep a good track of traffic if the blog is a subdomain of a larger domain. In that case, I’d recommend a WordPress plug in like Jetpack, which will give you traffic data that’s updated every hour or couple of hours throughout the day. It’s a lot more real time as far as traffic goes, and provides some other data as well.


  4. Kreativ Theme

    Very good SEO video tutorial … I tought that SEO is not so big stuff anymore …


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September 9, 2011


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