Rick Nielsen: Why WordPress is The Best Choice for Business

3 responses on “Rick Nielsen: Why WordPress is The Best Choice for Business

  1. Doug Millington

    This is the best and most practical presentation I’ve seen here on WrodPressTV. Rick gets it – it is not all about the design – it’s about getting small businesses a website that they can use with minimal learning and capturing emails for customers and prospective customers. Simple awesome.


  2. christina

    How come when I try and download this it opens in a new window? I want it on my harddrive!


  3. Latisha Simpson

    In the past few years WordPress has become the standard blog publishing platform because of its ease of use, rich feature set, available plugins, and standards compliance. Of course, the fact that it’s free and open source hasn’t hurt either.


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February 21, 2012


WordCamp Kansas City 2011 21


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