Kathy Drewien: We Admit It! Getting Started with WordPress Can Be Tough

5 responses on “Kathy Drewien: We Admit It! Getting Started with WordPress Can Be Tough

  1. Robert Wave

    It’s really not complicated at all if you’re technical.

    I went from working with PHP framework systems (Zend and Cake) to WordPress and it took like.. half a day to work out the plugin/theming systems. Lol


  2. Michael W. Bay

    Kathy works regularly with people who don’t know anything about building and maintaining a website. She’s a great resource and teacher.


  3. butterflygardeninginfo

    Tough? Yes it is … since I am not at all technical and have no clue where the format comes from and when I try to add something new it seems to never look like I planned it…..I have been reading this stuff for some time and need very simple specific instructions…as a person who lived my first fourty years without a computer I am totally confused! But still trying! There is always hope!

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    • Kathy Drewien

      Please do not give up hope! Explore everything using the default theme. Go to Appearance > Widgets and drag stuff from the left to the drop down boxes on the right. Use the text widget to learn what goes where by adding the title “primary sidebar goes here” then check the site to see where it shows up. Don’t be afraid to click on anything, but don’t make any changes in Appearance > Editor or Plugins > Editor. You’ll be geeked out just looking at the stuff in there!


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November 20, 2012

Kathy Drewien talks about how daunting WordPress admin can be for the first time users but also explains its not that hard to figure things out and encourages beginners to explore.

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