Natalie MacLees: Setting up a WordPress Site the Right Way

4 responses on “Natalie MacLees: Setting up a WordPress Site the Right Way

  1. Tova

    Hey Natalie, great talk. YES, planning is key! As a writer and writing teacher, I can say that the kind of map or outline you discuss is a necessary part of the process. Love the image of the house without a blueprint, and the picture of the hammer with a screw. Point well made, well said.


  2. capedave

    This is one of the very best videos on WordPress I have ever seen. really tells it like it is. Thank you!


  3. jamesatodd2012

    Thanks Natalie for the great pointers. You and I think somewhat alike. I have used your process for other things, and just recently built my first wordpress site. I worked through it similar to what you promote here, but will now backtrack and use what I learned from this video to improve my site. Thanks again.


  4. Carrie Cohill

    Natalie, I appreciate you giving us a fresh and more effective way to approach starting a website/blog. Thank you!


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February 6, 2013

Natalie MacLees shares the blueprint to creating a WordPress Site the Right Way, starting right out from the scratch answering the five Ws and H, focusing on content & audience first & later the look of the site and being more productive.

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