Josh Leuze: Don’t Let Your Site Jump The Shark

One response on “Josh Leuze: Don’t Let Your Site Jump The Shark

  1. women40260

    Thank you for offering your insights and expertise. Clients frequently ask me to do things that will only drag down their sites and will not add value for their visitors. One of the biggest mistakes people make in web design is to try and outdo a competitor by adding more “stuff.” Just because you see someone doing something does not mean it is working for them. I posted your video on Facebook and hope that people will understand that web design is a creative art, but a functional, winning website factors in how it looks AND how it works.


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May 9, 2014

Sometimes a good site goes bad. You start out with the best of intentions, then one thing leads to another and BOOM, Geocities.

Clients can make some dangerous requests, like adding 12 slideshows to the homepage, or loading 50 high rez images into a carousel. People can grow attached to a favorite animated GIF.

In this presentation we’ll be talking about using animation to add a little pop to a website, without blowing it up!

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