Carolyn Sonnek: We Can’t Read Your Mind :: How To Find Help For Your WordPress Problems

One response on “Carolyn Sonnek: We Can’t Read Your Mind :: How To Find Help For Your WordPress Problems

  1. Linda Willis

    Thanks for your suggestions, Carolyn. Although I adhere to most of what you suggested, you gave me some positive ideas on how to be even more specific in both subject and content. Will give more re. technical level (now just say “not too technical”) by saying the techy things I can handle like HTML editing, FTP, etc. Will post screenshots more often as well (I use Snipping Tool – simple to use). Now I may even post to your Jetpack forum about a conflict between it and blog our site “helper” identified!!

    Thanks again,


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May 25, 2014

Having problems with WordPress? Are you having trouble finding answers? Do you need to reach out and ask for help?
This presentation covers how to make good support requests, what things to avoid when reaching out for help, and the resources the WordPress community has for everyone’s use that may answer your question for you.

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