‘Support’ Videos

  • András Guseo: Faster Support – From Both Sides

    WordCamp Zurich 2019Speaker: András Guseo

    September 19, 2019 — Andras has been working in a dedicated support role for 3.5 years, during which he saw the ins and outs of support. Quick and easy help with fast resolution, as well as long conversations, miscommunication, frustrating issues, angry clients, escalations, and parting. In his talk Andras will give some tips and guidance to both parties — the support agents and the clients — on how providing and asking for support can be made a faster and better experience.

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  • Jordan Hlebarov: WordPress support done the right way or WordPress operations happiness?

    Wordcamp Plovdiv 2019Speaker: Jordan Hlebarov

    August 5, 2019 — WordPress support is a topic of epic myth scale. Agencies and freelances have different approaches on how to do it and in many cases it’s wrong. Why? It’s because not that they something wrong, but how the clients feel at the end and how their clients’ websites perform. This talk will discuss some good practices and how to make sure we have WordPress happiness.

  • Ben Meredith: What Blues Guitar And Diapers Taught Me About WordPress Support

    WordCamp Raleigh 2019Speaker: Ben Meredith

    May 9, 2019 — In customer support, which is better, promptness or empathy?

    What does playing guitar or changing diapers have to do with wowing customers and users? (It’s probably not what you think.)

    How can your support go from “good” to “Amazing!!!@!”

    In this talk, the Senior Support Technician for a growing, international WordPress plugin business which supports roughly 200 customers a week will show you how you can level up your support team using skills learned from foster (and biological) parenting, playing guitar, and five years of supporting both free and paid WordPress plugins.

    We’ll cover:
    – The most important driver of customer happiness in product support
    – How to outsmart your own personality deficiencies to excel in empathy
    – Something you can start doing today to immediately see results in email/ticket/forum support.

    There’s no secret formula for success in support, but armed with the right tools, attitude, and training you can make WordPress better, one ticket at a time.

  • Nastia Kolomoytseva: Παροχή Υποστήριξης, Tι Πραγματικά είναι και πως γίνεται

    WordCamp Thessaloniki 2018Speaker: Nastia Kolomoytseva

    March 6, 2019 — Η επικοινωνία με τους πελάτες, η διαχείριση τους και αντιμετώπιση κρίσιμων ζητημάτων είναι τα καθημερινά ζητήματα που αντιμετωπίζει μια επιχείρηση/εταιρία που δημιουργεί plugins, themes ή κατασκευάζει ιστοσελίδες. Το τι λέμε και το πως επικοινωνούμε με τους πελάτες μας, παίζει σημαντικό ρόλο. Από την υποστήριξη που παρέχουμε ορίζεται σε ένα μεγάλο ποσοστό εάν ο πελάτης θα επιλέξει να συνεχίζει να αγοράζει τις υπηρεσίες σας ή θα φύγει στον ανταγωνιστή σας. Θα πρέπει να θέσετε τα όρια σας και να ορίσετε σωστά τις προσδοκίες των πελατών σας. Ακολουθώντας τους κανόνες που θα ορίσετε εσείς, και δείχνοντας ενδιαφέρων για τους πελάτες σας, θα παρέχεται πολύ επιτυχημένη επαγγελματική υποστήριξη πελατών.

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  • Ben Meredith: How To Get Better Support

    WordCamp Pittsburgh 2018Speaker: Ben Meredith

    December 11, 2018 — We’ve all had the experience of a support technician being seemingly unable to answer our questions about their theme, plugin, or service.

    Believe it or not, theme and plugin developers and their support techs really do want to help you. Their goal is to make sure that the technology they provide you isn’t just a sale, but useful, and, ultimately, works to make your website successful. To make sure that you are both working in the same direction, there are some things you can do to ensure a great outcome.

    Do you know that there’s a link between your support tickets and better documentation?

    Do you find yourself frustrated at developers and support reps who can’t seem to diagnose issues arising from their plugins or themes?

    Do you want to find better answers to your support questions, more quickly?

    Plus, the two-minute method of solving +50% of your support requests before you even send them.

  • Lauren Jeffcoat: Support Starts Here: How to go the extra mile to make and KEEP your customers happy

    WordCamp Greenville 2018Speaker: Lauren Jeffcoat

    April 4, 2018 — In this session I will be covering the importance of good customer service and the powerful impact your support team has on your business. I will discuss practices to use and practices to avoid. I’ll take poor customer service examples and show how they could be handled differently and turned into excellent customer outcomes.

    I’ll also cover the steps to develop and implement an all star customer service program. This will include the secrets to providing super service, general support standards, and how to get things right for your customers. I’ll discuss why it’s important to go the extra mile to make and keep your customers happy so that they turn into returning customers and brand ambassadors.

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  • Brooke Dukes: Help Me, Help You: Things to know from inside support.

    WordCamp US 2017Speaker: Brooke Dukes

    December 8, 2017 — I’ve been on all sides of support; first as a WordPress user, then a freelancer, theme shop employee, and currently as WordPress.com staff. In that time I’ve learned a lot of the dos-and-don’ts of asking for (and providing) support. In this lighting talk I’ll go over some of the most commonly missing information when reaching out to support.

  • Mirela Socianu: It Takes a Village and WordPress – How Being A WordPress Developer Helped Me

    WordCamp Sofia 2017Speaker: Mirela Socianu

    November 16, 2017 — It Takes a Village and WordPress – How being a WordPress developer helped me to find support and a new and better life in Bulgaria.
    The unexpected advantages of being a WordPress developer when trying to have a better life in an unknown country.
    How knowing WordPress helped me to find support, new friends and a wonderful community in rural Bulgaria.

  • Kyle M. Brown: Support, Customer Experience, and WordPress

    WordCamp D.C. 2017Speaker: Kyle M. Brown

    November 16, 2017 — This talk will cover best practices that you can use to get effective support from theme and plugin shops as a freelancer, blogger, agency, enterprise, or government client.

    From the other side as a customer support provider, this talk will also discuss best practices that you can use to provide effective support to your customers for your theme, plugin, or service.

  • Emilia Kubo Kirschenbaum: It’s Not You, It’s Your Ticket – Ticketing Lessons from your Apartment

    WordCamp D.C. 2017Speaker: Emilia Kubo Kirschenbaum

    November 13, 2017 — Ever wonder why no one will do what you asked? Maybe it’s not them, it’s you–or at least your ticket-writing ability. Writing clear, informative tickets is the cornerstone to creating a successful project. To demystify the ticket-writing process, we’ll use a list of tasks to clean an apartment and then add clarity and story points so any person can walk in and understand the scope and level of effort for each task. We’ll connect strategies back to web project activities, so attendees can walk away with an increased understanding of well written tickets–their value, and how to write them.