Drew Barton: 30 Things You Must Do Before Launch

One response on “Drew Barton: 30 Things You Must Do Before Launch

  1. Maggie LaNoue

    Drew – great overview of WordPress site dev! thank you! I do have a couple of questions. am having trouble with some of what you are saying. and what numbers of the checklist go with what you are saying. I believe it matches your powerpoint or slideshow. but that isn’t linked. Can we see that too along with the voice? Also you said it was an open source checklist so i went to your site to find it. Could not find that -nor your search feature- on southernweb.com. Sorry to be picky. A client sent this video to me and I am doing my due diligence. I hope to get the most info from what you are saying here and what it relates to that is in print. Both on the screen you have there– and online as the digital open source checklist. Thank you again!


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October 21, 2014

As nearly one in four websites is powered by WordPress, there is an amazing responsibility to maintain quality control standards before launching your site. Southern Web’s Drew Barton will share in rapid-fire more than 30 tips that should be included in every WordPress site launch checklist. In order to provide security and maintain quality, these WordPress must-dos will help ensure you and your visitors will have a strong impression of WordPress as a blog, as a CMS and as a development platform.

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