James Tryon: Understanding Your Project Before You Start

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June 29, 2015

Let’s take a step back and think about our project. We need to understand the project, the company we are building the site for, and all the goals associated with the project.

So many people rush in. Sometimes we are too eager to get started, or we are too worried about how it will look or a specific due date. This leads to upset clients, under quoting your work or the very worst – project failure. Let’s fix that.

After this talk, you should know things like:

– Planning/breaking down entire projects

– Defining the problems you are trying to fix.

– Defining and setting goals.

– Defining your target audience and learning to view things through their eyes.

– Creating a site map.

– Defining all the custom Post types and Taxonomies.

– Planning an order of attach.

– Setting timelines

– The importance of communication.

– Understanding how Project Management is just as important as anything else.

Anyone that built or is thinking about starting a website would benefit from this talk. Even advanced developers could get a lot out of a talk like this.

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