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  • Kartik Shukla: How Agile WordPress Project Management Helps in Improving Productivity?

    WordCamp Europe 2021Speaker: Kartik Shukla

    July 26, 2021 — A key focus is an Agile methodology. This can help achieve productivity through increased collaboration and responsiveness to customer/client inquiries and requests.

    Agile project management is all about planning the whole of a product in detail before developing it.

    The idea is to break complex tasks into manageable tasks that are planned out in detail. A time estimate is assigned to each task. This list of tasks is documented to record the initial estimates and a deadline.

    Agile really helps any WordPress projects and ensured that despite the volume of projects, everything remains on track.

  • Teemu Suoranta: The Art of Work Estimation

    WordCamp Finland Online 2020, WordCamp Finland (Suomi) 2020Speaker: Teemu Suoranta

    March 25, 2021 — Giving time estimates for projects and features is a shared reality of many developers’ recurring tasks. Unfortunately the whole business of work estimation is inherently broken in many ways that cannot be fixed. Navigating risks, fuzzy scopes and missing specifications is less science and more of an art to be mastered.

    As a senior developer, I have been a key part of creating many quotes along the years and I will share the mistakes and insights from my journey. I cannot fix the work estimation but I can help you avoid a few pitfalls and give you better tools. Estimation work has been sort of taboo in the developer community and it is time to break the silence.

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  • How Effective Project Management Can Help WordPress Professionals Improve Their Bottom Line

    WordCamp San Antonio 2020Speaker: Sandi Batik

    January 21, 2021 — Sandi Batik will share project management tips to help you deliver WordPress projects with a greater likelihood of giving your clients what they wanted, when they wanted it, at a profit. Good project management skills set the scope, schedule, and budget accurately and ensure the efficient and best use of business resources while managing the expectations of the various project’s stakeholders. Attendees will be given links to Project Management Checklists, some suggested tools, and other helpful resources.

  • Noemi Leon: Claves para la gestión de proyectos de software

    WordCamp Mexico 2020Speaker: Noemi Leon

    January 2, 2021 — En esta charla hablaré de qué sí hacer y qué no es tan recomendable en el proceso de gestión y de desarrollo, para lograr proyectos de software de calidad. Esto desde una perspectiva que me ha permitido adquirir los roles en los que he laborado: como desarrollador de software, y como líder de proyecto.

  • Kirsten Schelper, Elisabeth Hölzl: WordPress-Projekte managen

    WordPress Meetup StuttgartSpeakers: Kirsten Schelper, Elisabeth Hölzl

    November 5, 2020 — Für unser Meetup am 4. November 2020 haben wir uns zwei Expertinnen eingeladen: Kirsten Schelper und Elisabeth Hölzl. Beide sind seit Jahren nicht nur in der WordPress-Community aktiv (und organisieren das Münchner Meetup) sondern arbeiten in Kunden-Projekten als Duo auch tagtäglich mit Kundinnen und Kunden zusammen.

    Über ihre Erfahrung aus dem Managen dieser Projekte haben die beiden in ihrem Vortrag „WordPress-Projekte managen“ berichten, dabei ein wenig aus dem Nähkästchen geplaudert und uns durch den gesamten Prozess vom Angebot bis zum fertigen Projekt geführt.

  • Alfred Kang: 五點半關門放狗?! WordPress 專案管理如何有效而且率 / Project Management for WordPress Projects

    WordCamp Taipei (台北) 2019Speaker: Alfred Kang

    June 17, 2020 — 台灣地區接案的工作室與小型公司至少也有數十家以上, WordPress 專門的網站接案公司在市場上具備什麼樣的優勢? 敏捷式專案開發這麼流行,如何把敏捷的精神與實踐方法運用到接案日常? – 敏捷專案管理 WordPress 方法分享 – 如何運用看板方法混搭 Scrum 讓團隊日益精進? – 知識管理 – 如何有效的分享公司之公共知識? – 專案管理工具分享 – 團隊溝通利器 – 遠距隊友如何合作? – 避踩的坑,閃開的雷。

  • Cerinah Nalwoga: Agile Project management

    WordCamp Kampala 2019Speaker: Cerinah Nalwoga

    March 3, 2020 — Skilling software developers and users with the essential features needed to have a successful project from planning to implementation.

  • Simon Jutras: Comment gérer 10 projets WordPress en même temps?

    WordCamp Montreal 2019Speaker: Simon Jutras

    December 25, 2019 — Travailler dans le web, c’est aussi jongler avec plusieurs projets et clients en même temps. Découvrez les outils clés, simples et faciles pour la gestion de projet. Nous verrons aussi comment gérer les délais et les attentes des clients sans forcer ses employés à faire des heures supplémentaires.
    (Organisation – Outils – Asana, Harvest, Google Drive – Gérer les attentes des clients)

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  • Piero Tagliapietra: Retrospettive (o del fare progetti migliori)

    WordCamp Verona 2019Speaker: Piero Tagliapietra

    December 5, 2019 — Cosa succede quando un progetto finisce? Quasi sempre si passa al successivo, subito, senza fermarsi un attimo. Questo però può portare alla reiterazione di alcuni errori o commettere i medesimi sbagli, sia che si lavori da soli che in gruppo.

    Come evitarlo?
    Con le Retrospettive: momenti in cui riflettiamo sul progetto o sul modo in cui lavoriamo per capire cosa cambiare.

    Andremo quindi a vedere come organizzarne una, gli strumenti e come gestire al meglio questo momento importantissimo.

  • Chris Ford: Practical Project Management Tips

    WordCamp US 2019Speaker: Chris Ford

    November 14, 2019 — Chris Ford, a project manager at Reaktiv Studios, likes to think of the process she’s been developing at Reaktiv Studios as “Practical Project Management”. Most of Chris’ project management experience was learned in the School of Hard Knocks, using trial and error to learn what works (and more importantly what doesn’t) through 13 years of running a freelance design business.

    In this 10 minute lightning talk she’s going share 10 practical project management tips you can put into action as soon as you get back to work.