Cory Miller: Entrepreneurship and My Mental Health

2 responses on “Cory Miller: Entrepreneurship and My Mental Health

  1. Benjamin DeVries

    Very impactful! It was a pleasure to be around at Wordcamp Denver for the Q&A at the end as well 🙂


  2. Frank Black Miller MD DFAPA

    I am a psychiatrist of nearly 40 years’ experience. I feel I must register my comment of great thanks and appreciation for Cory Miller having the bravery and personal stability and emotional maturity to have given this extraordinary talk and “testimonial.” My corny definition of a mature, healthy, good person/adult is “someone who has worked with their stuff and still does all the time automatically,” because in our life journey and personal development, our growth never stops. His talk exemplified this like I have RARELY heard in my years of working with people in emotional need and pain. I must say directly to Cory Miller, it was a great honor and memorable moment to hear your beliefs and the lessons you forged for yourself. I wish you the very best. Frank Miller MD DFAPA North Carolina


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July 2, 2015

I’ve been through a divorce, had to fire friends, lived — almost daily — with insecurity no matter how successful we or I have been, felt the guilt of success as well. I talk openly about how I see a mental health counselor and am an advocate for good mental health, especially as an entrepreneur who now leads a team of 23 people. Would talk about some of the strategies outside of having a counselor that I have done/do to maintain good mental stability in this often crazy job.

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