Alicia Lewis Murray: The Business of Blogging – Does Your Business Need a Blog to Succeed in Content Marketing

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September 16, 2015

By the end of the The Business of Blogging, you’ll be able to answer the question: Does my business need a blog? I’ll cover what it takes to build a blog, how much time it takes to sustain a blog, and common blog mistakes businesses make. Session attendees will also learn about content marketing and how to curate great content without having a blog. I’ll include resources and WordPress plug ins that make blogging easier. And, we’ll learn how to hire a Virtual Assistant if you don’t think you can do this alone!


Common blog mistakes businesses make and how to avoid them
Resources to find content if your business doesn’t have a blog.
Tips on finding and hiring a great Virtual Assistant to help you with your company’s social media, blog, or content marketing

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